Benny The Butcher The Plugs I Met 2 Album Cover

Benny keeps bringing that fire and is solidifying his name with the greats of all time. It’s great quality and whilst it’s laced with the drug talk we all know and love Benny for he still manages to some how maintain a mature manner and does it tastefully. For me it’s not his best effort but still a fire project. Hard to beat plugs I Met, Tana Talk 3, A Friend Of Ours and his recent album with Hit Boy . Even though I was a bit sceptical due to having features from 2 Chains and especially French Montana! I was worried it wasn’t gonna be in Benny’s style and more crossover but I was wrong. 2 Chains does his thing but his verse is really basic so I end up skipping it as it’s at the end of the track and French Montana don’t even get a look in, dude just don’t do it for me as he is the epitome of WHACK but both Benny and Harry Fraud really do their thing but the features from Chinx, Fat Joe, Rick Hyde make up for it and make it a solid AF project regardless.

‘When Tony Met Sosa’ is a standout track and pops the EP off right. ‘Overall’ Ft the Late Chinx Drugs is a superb banger and well as my fav track off the EP ‘Talking Back’ Ft Fat Joe and this track has been on repeat. ”Interviews talking plug talk got my name off of drug talk” is my fav hook off the EP and the Plug talk beat is a soul trap vibe and i dig it. love the vox sample it really adds emotion. Benny Brings that REAL TALK on ‘Live By It’ and its tracks like this that make me really dig his style. ‘Thanksgiving’ closes the Ep in style and Benny Snaps like a mini hammer hitting a bar of toffee as usual.

BANGERS: When Tony Met Sosa, Overall, Plug Talk, Live By It, Talking Back, No Instructions, Thanksgiving

SCORE: 8/10 Regardless of a few questionable features it still doesn’t Affect the EP in the slightest and Benny doesn’t stray from his known style and formula and that is paramount.

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