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If you’re anything like me and partial to the Griselda wave and their style as a whole then ‘Tana Talk 4’ will not disappoint. In fact it will impress! Given the run ‘Griselda’ are having and with the amount of projects they release it is apparent that this ish isn’t getting boring at all or played out. Benny’s signature rhymes and dark rugged production are present and if I’m honest it’s one of the best ‘Griselda’ releases to date and one of the most cohesive and flowing albums from the click yet. With most of the production done by ‘Daringer’ and ‘Alchemist’ you already know its gonna be some real gritty street rap.

There’s so many focal points and we will cover them in the review. I’m sure we all heard ‘Jonny P’s Caddy’ before as it was the pre-release track and it’s a solid start with great bars from both artist and ‘J.Cole’ being the feature. Not only is it a banger but it’s one of ‘Coles’ better features and reminds us how godly he can actually be. Let’s hope he does more of his own music in this fashion. ‘Back 2x’ is an absolute banger with a feature from a new cat named ‘Stove God Cooks’ and it’s straight crack, in every sense of the word! ‘Ten More Commandments’ extends the drug game scriptures of Biggie by another ten so if your a fan of that banger back in the 90s, this is part 2 you’ve been waiting for and Benny does it the utmost justice. Not only is it rules to the game but also lessons and information I.e… 

“15 a good one, listen, most people confused How we spend our money on whips and jewels, they think we fools (let me break it down) 
Went from a drug dealers view, buy a Benz or a chain or two 
Go broke then sell everything, in a week, you’ll be back like new (mhm) 
So basically, fuck all that spendin’ on clothes and trickin’ on hoes 
Only buy shit that can be sold 
‘Cause you gon’ need a plan B if your trap phone startin’ to get cold 
If somethin’ happen to your plug and your bills startin’ to get old (damn)”.

Tyson vs. Ali’ is another standout track as we have all has discussed who we think is better and metaphorically speaking Benny and Conway are Tyson and Ali. “uncle Bun’’ is my personal favourite as it’s the rawest track out let alone on ‘Tana Talk 4’. ‘Thowy’s Revenge’ is probably ‘Alchemist’ best contribution to this album, the beat is so smooth but rugged and the sub he uses is punchy as Fudge. There isn’t one filler track or bloat with ‘Tana Talk 4’. It’s precise with its intent and what Benny does he does well, so much so that it doesn’t get stale.  

Bangers: Jonny P’s Caddy, Back 2x, 10 More commandments, Tyson vs. Ali, Uncle Bun, Thowy’s Revenge.

Score: 10/10 Tana Talk 4 is the benny album his fans have been waiting for and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s one of the best Griselda albums so it’s only right it gets full marks.

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