We have already been treated a couple of solid tracks from this release – ‘Da Mob‘ and ‘It’s Over‘ and since those went hard, it’s great to now get the full 8 track release. As always, Benny doesn’t overdo it and gives us quality over quantity on this latest project with southern icon DJ Drama (most well known for the Gangsta Grillz mixtapes).

As with anything Griselda, it’s all about the collective. This most certainly is NOT a Benny the Butcher joint – it’s a platform to allow his people to shine, which is exactly what they do. Clever wordplay, quality flow and cadence and we have a unique sounding offering that has showcased the ‘bosses and capos’ as the Butcher refers to them on the albums final track ‘Deal or No Deal‘.

This is a really unique release – as an ‘old head’ who has been deep diving into the world of hip hop for 30 years, the production gives me that real 90’s – 2000’s feel, but the lyrics are as modern as they come. It’s not unusual I guess being that DJ Drama was at his peak during the early 2000 period. With such a short release, it’s important that every track hits the mark, and that is certainly the case with this one. There really isn’t a poor or wasted verse which makes it a really solid joint.

I won’t pick out the ‘bangers’ on this one as I feel it’s a project that needs to be played from start to finish, but please let me know which tracks you think bang the hardest!

Score: 8.5 / 10. It’s a really nice project, and lyrically it may be simple yet complete and that makes it a high end offering. I love the idea of the project, and musically it took me back on a little journey so I can’t detract from that! Give it a listen, it’s worthwhile.

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By Brutus Maximus

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