Benny the Butcher - Burden of Proof Album cover

Benny only raps about plugs and bricks!!! Think again! He shows us on his new album that he can do much more and this is how you do a major label release and still keep it 100, plus keeping that soul, flava and gangster ish with no crossover BS and, with features from Rick Ross and Lil Wayne I feared that it was gonna be a massive crossover album but, i was gladly wrong! He really is a legend in the making.

It’s a banger. Modern, diverse, quality lyrics over welcomely different production whilst still being as hood as Benny is. His lyrics are, of course 80% drug related but it wouldn’t be Benny if he ditched it totally and he’s the best at that subject matter and sometimes it’s not what you say it’s how you say it and, hip-hop is a prime example of that statement.

On tracks “Trade it all” and “Thank God I Made It” Benny shows he has other lyrical topics up his sleeve and it’s dope hearing him get a little deep and talk about some real life matters. And, of course, let’s not forget the great job Hit Boy has done capturing Benny’s style and also adding a different flare along the way to really catapult Benny’s ability. The difference between Benny and his Griselda counterparts is that he has his own style when solo! Conway and WSG seem to stick to Griselda formula a lot more.

From the opening track it kicks off with the soul gangster flava on the title track “Burden of Proof” and this is my kinda ish! Street gangster hip hop laced with old soul instrumentals and sick drums with a snare that cuts through the mix perfectly. “Sly Green” not only sees Benny shine but also Hit Boy and this track is perfect from it’s synth type arp to Benny’s trade mark rhymes.

If you’ve been around the proverbial Hip Hop Block you will recognise the samples from the early naughties and it was used by Dip Set and the way Hit Boy flips it and leaving out the first snare on beat one and having the other 3 snares still there in each bar is a nice touch (less is more). Timeless is a decent track and even Lil Wayne holds his own and i’m not the biggest Wayne fan but i don’t hate and even artist i don’t like can spit and when they do i will show love. One of the last tracks is “War Paint” and it features Griselda and it’s a proper Griselda banger.

Bangers: Burden of Proof, Sly Green, Famous, Timeless, Over Then Limit, Trade it All, Thank God I Made It, War Paint, Legend

Score: 9/10 With a solid catalogue as Benny’s it will always be hard to come close to the likes of Tana Talk 3, A Friend Of Ours and The Plugs i met but still doesn’t take away from the fact for a major release he kept it gangster and the production from Hit Boy is Solid.

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