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Bankai Fam kick in the damn door as they drop their latest album ‘The Stance‘ fully produced by French duo Kyo Itachi x Venom better known as Ninjustice when they combine to form the hip hop production monster. The entire family is featured in the rugged, savage offering that features nothing but the finest hip hop delivered in a ferocious package of 11 hardcore tracks.

The ELEVEN emcees from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, exploded onto the scene in 2013 with their debut EP ‘On My Side‘ which fused the hardcore, street style boom bap hip hop with magna culture. While the past decade has seen a number of solo projects, features and different musical ventures, ‘The Stance’ sees Skanks, Top Notch, P General, Gangsta, Phenom, Gstats, Low Banga, Big Bizness, Has Diggz, El Gee & Shatike all get back together with ‘Master Splinter’ Kyo Itachi to remind hip hop heads, just was banging drums, slick samples, razor sharp cuts / scratches and killer lyrics sound like.

The first track ‘Bankai Song‘ also includes a soundbyte as to how Bankai Fam got started before heading into a hardbody, dark, boom bap joint with ferocious bars. It sets the tone for the album too, as we know the Fam are coming correct and coming for necks. ‘On the Map‘ is a real head nodder with a subtle upbeat vibe flowing over the heavy hitting drums and Bankai Fam rip the mic with their hunger. Next up is ‘Mental Slap‘ and while it’s a slower tempo joint, this only adds to the savage bar work the emcees put in.

Bankai Fam channer their inner M.O.P x Gang Starr on ‘GunZone‘ with a somewhat dirty boom bap beat and eerie melody partnering with the feral flow the Fam bring. Ruste Juxx joins the crew for ‘Solve That‘ and adds his trademark energy, impassioned delivery and of course lyrics to melt your face. ‘Wack Rapper Eulogy‘ is a nice concept and delivered well, especially with the iconic Samuel L. Jackson snippet from the cult classic Pulp Fiction. Once again the tempo slows, and Skanks & co demolish the gritty, grimy ‘Devious Mind‘ with purpose and the cuts of this joint are LETHAL!

Next up is the title track ‘The Stance‘ and it’s a slightly different kind of vibe, with the electronic sample within the production and the somewhat rasta themed hook a nice change of direction from the brutal boom bap beats. ‘Champion Sport‘ is a bold, braggadocio track but with that grimey, gangsta edge that Bankai always bring. The penultimate track is ‘What I Need‘ and this brings back that 90’s upbeat, almost funky vibe with some Bankai Fam bars and social commentary / knowledge bombs before the album rounds out with the triumphant ‘Bankai Celebration’ and it’s a jovial affair as everyone spits with passion and positive energy. It’s a fantastic way to capture the essence of the album and celebrate getting eleven lyrical assassins back together and making a must-listen hip hop album.

Bangers: On The Map, Champion Sport, GunZone, Bankai Song, Solve That.

Score: 8.5 / 10. This is a really solid hip hop album that showcases some microphone killers. Kyo Itachi and Venom are on point with the production for the most part, sitting in their heavier boom bap sound, and the Bankai Fam really do sound impassioned and hungry and that they’ve enjoyed getting back together to make dope music. Give this one a few listens and let it slap you upside the heads a few times to really understand it’s value.

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  1. Nice article! Bankai really does work hard! Nice to see all of the artist working together on this project!!❤

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