Ayse Chryst - The Last Resort

This may be outside of your normal listening scope BUT Ayse Chryst has teamed up with June Marx to bring a really dope album with ‘The Last Resort‘. The Chicago rhyme spitter, controls the mic when he steps to it, and this album is further proof of his ability not just to spit bars, but to also deliver sharp lyrics and flow over the really dope audio canvas provide by June Marx (Hail Cobra!). It’s an unapologetic boom bap album, with high energy and a rough and rugged vibe that hits the headphones with ferocity.

June Marx has a particular knack for creating interesting soundscapes – usually for his own projects, but when he crafts the soundtrack for others, he curates it with the emcee in mind. ‘The Last Resort‘ is a great example of this, with every beat hitting the mark for Ayse to destroy – but also tracks that push him just outside of the pocket and into a growth space as an emcee which is fun to hear. June also joins Ayse on a handful of tracks, and the two share the same chemistry on the mic that they do in the studio.

Ayse has a variety of subject matter that resonates with listeners in different ways too. There is the social narrative and addressing worldwide issues, encouraging you to explore what you know and what you may not. There are also tracks that are just designed to showcase the beast on the mic – and nothing tests your mettle more than enlisting Spit Gemz on a track, but Ayse, June and Gemz deliver a MONSTER joint with ‘Rebel Alliance‘ that encompasses everything about this release in just over three minutes of ferocity.

Other killer joints include ‘Prosper‘ which we featured back a couple of months ago, but it still sits embedded in the ‘dope tracks’ playlist, the string-laced, Die Hard inspired ‘Nakatomi Plaza‘, the triumphant and authoritarian battle cry of ‘Call II Armz‘ and plenty more in this 17 track flamethrower. Check out ‘The Last Resort’ now and be prepared to add Ayse Chryst to your radar whenever he drops new music.

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