Asun Eastwood Prophecy Is My Present

This joint is FRESH! When I first put on ‘Prophecy Is My Present‘ by Asun Eastwood, I was instantly drawn to the funky, fresh vibes that THETWINNING was putting down on the boards. Some upbeat, summer-esque notes that just had me feeling loose and free. It had (as the album art may suggest) that disco/soul kinda Jackie Brown soundtrack kind of sound and Asun was spitting darts. I found myself just hitting play and vibing out to it, forgetting to really make many listening notes for a review – but that in itself is something.

Sometimes you just need to be able to put on an album, drift away and just enjoy it. This ‘PIMP’ joint is that album. There are no peaks or valleys, just consistent, well crafted beats and lyrics that effortlessly roll from the lips of Asun and into your ears as you light a spliff or sip a beverage of your choice. It’s like a ‘hip hop / lounge’ album! Now, when you create a piece of this nature, it won’t be for everyone and it will be ‘mood music’ so there is SOME limit in its replay value – but the same is true of The Allegory, Descendants of Cain and other similarly intricate, lyrical, laid back joints.

I’ll pick out one highlight because it is just SO stirring that it made an impact from the second I heard it. ‘LOV (Life Of Victory)‘ is the track and Lex Talionis is the featured emcee. His passionate verse has emotion and feeling dripping from each and every word. Much like Beanie Sigel on ‘The Can’t Be Life’, I can’t recall a verse delivered with such emphasis. His flow is like Busta Rhymes meets Eminem and it’s enigmatic. Real talk.

Overall, this is a really solid album and a credit to the creativity of Asun Eastwood. It’s varied, but stays in the pocket to be a very cohesive and compelling listen.

Bangers: LOV (Life Of Victory), Framed My Pyrex Bowl, Tie Ya Camel, PIMP (Intro)

Score: 8 / 10. It’s a ‘niche’ album and it does what it has to do. Delivers authentic, high quality hip hop. The beats and bars are perfectly matched and complementary, the album has zero fill and it’s different to the standard boom bap scene right now. Well worth giving this joint a spin to see if it’s your thang.

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