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Daniel Son and Futurewave team up once again and this time the bring along 36 Cypher who adds more raw flava and bars that stand up to Daniel Son’s lyrical savagery. ‘As The Crow Flies’ is a superb project with some of the best production from a producer who is definitely making a statement and a name for himself and this is how you make  an album and balance the drums and drumless flava over an album. Balance is key, the perfect equilibrium. The album starts off steady with a track titled ‘Limited Supply’ and with it’s moody keys and bass, it was a good choice to leave this track drumless. ‘Riot’ is a hardbody track with a raw ass intro that has some phat synths that just sound so gutter but when the beat drops it gets real. Both Daniel Son and 36 murder this beat.

‘Promised Land’ does something very risky from a production point as Futurewave uses feedback for a texture and of course if it wasn’t produced right or more importantly mixed and mastered right it could of been very unbearable but they got the level and consistency of the feedback perfect and it actually makes for an unbelievably raw element. ‘PTSD’ is the reason why I love hip-hop music, the way these drums have been processed and mixed gives us a feel that no other beat in any other genre can do! 36 spits some Raw bars that remind me of Sunz Of Man “micro dosing on a daily to calm the dome, I stay alone, my souls cold my heart is stone, both are silent, I’m a product of modern logic, another toxic profit of the projects”.

‘Johnny Green’ has some sick percussion that has a jazzy feel but with raw samples to get the MCs words elevated. ‘Ghostline’ will have rawness oozing out your speakers and as the album starts to mellow out after this track, this is as raw as it gets and we love that ish at RSHH. ‘Criss Foams’ brings a more chilled jazzy vibe with some stellar brass samples which will have you wishing you was sitting in a smoking jacket in the French Quarter. The last three tracks really roll the album out well with the last three being mellow drumless tracks and ‘T-bone Steak’ & ‘Gremlins’ do the drumless style how it should be done.  

Verdict: As the crow flies is a seriously good album from start to finish and it really is going to be in the running for AOTY. With It’s gritty, raw and stellar production and two MC’s who just go HAM on every track it really is putting the competition to shame.

Score: 10/10

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By Brutus Maximus

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