Apathy Where the River meets the Sea

Underground legend Apathy recently dropped ‘Where The River Meets The Sea‘, the Connecticut emcee / producers SEVENTH album and some of his most eclectic work to date.

The beautiful thing about Apathy is his ability to be ‘non-conformist’ when it comes to his craft. It would be quite easy and beneficial in some sense to just recreate some of his most epic work. Another ‘Handshakes With Snakes‘ or ‘Widow’s Son‘ – two brilliant albums, but that isn’t how Ap gets down. He continues the growth and development of himself as a lyricist, and emcee and producer. As such, you’re going to have to go into this new joint with an open mind. This isn’t a ‘jump on the back of the Griselda’ sound just to make a banger, and it’s not rinse and repeat with his tried and true formula. This is something else entirely.

We brought you his first single a month or so ago, and this was more in line with the traditional Apathy product, but it’s only one direction that the album takes. The production is varied and while it still sits in that boom bap pocket, there are certainly more instrumental experiments within the album. More ethereal sounding, atmospheric vibes are intertwined through drums and samples. And, Apathy has sharpened up his pen game too, continuing to inspire and invoke thought and emotion every time he spits.

There is no doubting the impact his father had on Apathy and he has spoken on that relationship before, but we get a really poignant tribute to kick things off on the album. There is also the introspective tribute to his wife which showcases the maturity and growth of The Alien Tongue. But it’s not all seasoned-veteran vibes, we also get that raw, uncut emcee just doing his thang – especially on tracks like ‘P.S.E‘ which features Styles P and Lil Fame and could be one of the tracks of the year, with exceptional use of the Biggie Smalls sample.

As we’ve seen throughout the past 12 months, there has been a ‘raising of the bar’ when it comes to subject matter and content. This year Slaine dropped ‘The Things We Can’t Forgive and I personally praised it for the growth and maturation and honesty that was being delivered authentically. Apathy has done exactly the same thing in dropping what is an exceptional album and one of the ‘must have’ joints of 2021.

Bangers: P.S.E, We Don’t Fuck Around, Force Fields, Mermaid Music, River of Light

Score: 9.5 / 10. Vivacious & vulnerable, this is a wonderful album from Apathy. There is nothing formulaic about it as he switches up his flow, subject matter and production to take you on a journey unlike any other. The Apathy diehards will appreciate the growth as an artist and the casual AOTP fan crowd may need an extra listen or two due to the lack of ‘in your face’ beats and rhymes, but nonetheless, this is one of the best albums of the year.

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