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Review: Agallah & Sadat X – The Gods Have Arrived

Bare witness to the coming of the Hip-Hop Messiah’s

Agallah & Sadat x - The GOds Have Arrived album cover

This could be the collaboration album of the year! Agallah is a legend in his own right and the Purple City veteran as had a career of making good hip-hop with some very good albums and as of late has released some very good joints! Sadat X needs no introduction, and the Brand Nubian legend is a true hip-hop pioneer and has worked with some of the biggest names in hip-hop history. With both artists having a real dope catalogue, this collaboration album could be their best yet. The production is as tight as a duck’s ass and is punchier than Gleason’s Gym. It has hard raw beats which are the meat of the album but there is also, laid back, minimal and even a funky vibes and, the last style is something that is missing in a lot of hip-hop today and having funky, soulful, flava tracks can really make an album stand out. Yeah we all like raw hip-hop but show us you got soul! The difference of styles really does compliment each other as Agallah lays down the more ferocious rhymes whilst .X very laid back slower spitting style really does work well and gives a good contrast of styles.

The opening title track is raw and the samples contribute well and let both really go in. The second track ‘Today’s Math’ is a proper east coast NYC gritty banger. ‘Praise The Lord’ see’s the duo team up with Greg Nice on the hook and of course he crushes it and the added strings give it an emotional touch. ‘That Cool’ is the funk I mentioned earlier and man this is the sort of stuff hip-hop needs! It cuts through so well and it really does show who’s got SOUL! ‘The Lean On’ is back to NY gritty street rap and with moody filtered drums it’s back to business. ‘The Boppers’ is HARD and I love this track and the orchestral hit really amps the track up. ‘Universal Law’ really heats things up with the 70s type funk, it allows for both to go HAM. ‘Hammers On Deck’ is another RAW banger and AG & X aint letting up yet, well, until the next track which is a nice change of pace and with the funk and now ‘Can We Save Us’ really does vibe well and right near the end is a good touch, so it doesn’t halt the flow too much at all and, the chilled but deep vibe really does bring the album to a nice steady stop as I’ve been hyper for a minute now! ‘Books Of Acts’ is practically the last track and its a minimal track (told you a nice steady stop) and this is how you should do a minimal drumless track.

Bangers: The Gods Have Arrived, Today’s Math, That Cool, The Boppers, Universal Law, Hammers On Deck, Book Of Acts

Score: 9/10 A solid album and a great collaboration of two hip-hop heavy weights was a nice surprise and just narrowly missing a perfect score due to the album being a little short for two artist.

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