You know the name – 4th Disciple. Wu-Tang affiliate, producer of some incredible tracks for the Wu, Killah Priest, Sunz of Man and his own Killarmy – and now he has dropped a killer new joint called ‘The Algorythm‘.

Heading into the first listen, I knew the production would be on point. 4th hasn’t ever dropped the ball and so, musically, I knew I’d be in for something special. After checking the features, my interest was ignited as there are some of my favourite emcees on the line up – Sean Price, Vinnie Paz, Planet Asia and Sadat X for example. Before I knew it, I was on the second then the third listen and I was still mean muggin it!

The album is great – production on point moving laterally from complete Wu sounding joints to eerie soundscapes with hard hitting percussion. Each track works, and is suited to the guest emcee who is gracing the track with their lyrical darts. 4th Disciple is one of those producers who manages to toe the line between having a unique yet identifiable sound, but also creating a track the forms the perfect podium for particular emcees to rhyme over.

My gripe is that it feels like the album is over as quick as a hiccup. I was just getting right into it and I was back at the intro! 30 mins is such an awkward time – for some albums it feels right, for others it’s not enough and this is a case of the latter. Especially when you have so many featured emcees – I could have easily sat through another half a dozen joints and that would have fulfilled me.

That’s the only knock on this joint though. It’s a fantastic album that has you feeling all kinds of ways, from the scratches on ‘Letz Rok‘ featuring Rah Digga, to the off-set drum pattern on ‘Bagua‘ featuring Sean P! Go bump this ASAP.

Bangers: Bagua, Premeditated, Letz Rock, Anarchy, Mobin.

Score: 8 / 10. Length is largely what scales the score down when bench-marked against some of the other dope joints released in 2020. But it’s a great release and 4 or 5 bonus tracks wouldn’t go astray!!!

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