38 Spesh - 6 Shots - Overkill

Just like this project, this review is gonna be short and sweet but hella fire much like Kung Po Chicken but this has more flava for your ear. You may well know the name 38 Spesh by now and should do! if not, never fear as RS is here and this is what we do! we make sure we cover the culture as much as possible! 38 once again drops a FIRE EP and from quite a long break of doing his own projecst with himself laying down the lyrically bullets due to him collaborating with many artists, such a Planet Asia, Che Noir, Eto etc and concentrating on the production, he finally gives us what we have been waiting for. 38 just gets better and better with each project, beat, bar and feature. 6 shots shows how Gangster can still be very enjoyable and original with his laid back style and very witty punchlines and metaphors which make you even laugh as you can’t help thinking to yourself how true it is what he is actually saying, a bit like a good comedian! they make you laugh as you know its true, and that’s the beauty with 38 Spesh and TRUST he keeps it 100 all the time. It’s a typical EP and only around 14 minutes long but with only two features from Ransom and Eto, 38 still lays down enough decent bars to satisfy your 38 craving.

38 Spesh - 6 Shots album cover

Bangers: The Showdown, Dirty Revolver, Overkill, Flour City 2, Carved Initials.

Score: 7.5/10 It’s really short but the content is fire and 38’s bars and production is killer so it’s something i spin a lot, even in between albums as it’s that good.

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