Now, even for us underground hip hop loving heads, there comes a time that you get surprised by a little gem you’ve uncovered on the virtual ‘dig’ through the crates. Late last year, I was spiralling through Spotify links and artists as I do to create my ‘Beats, Rhymes & Mics’ playlists and I was pleasantly caught off-guard by a banging little joint that I’d never heard of OR heard anyone mention. And you know in the day and age of social media, there is ALWAYS someone wanting to spout off and promote something.

Anyway, it was crazy because the track was called Lineage from an album called Lineage by a group called Lineage. Man, what a trip! But it became a delightful little detour into some of the best old school sounding, boom bap, New York street rap with quality lyrical pictures being painted. This lead to doing some additional research and finally tracking down Finian St. Omer who was one half of lineage and graced me with some time to construct the following interview. Check it out.

Talk us through the album, when / how it was made and why is it so underrated?

2 years ago DJ and I were having a discussion about music and the next steps of our careers. He started playing a bunch of beats and the idea of forming a group hit me. I came up with the name of the group and the concept of who we are as a group solely based of the music Flash created. The sound and vibe of his beats reminded me that we are from the Lineage of the great and legendary duo’s: Gangstarr, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Eric B. & Rakim, Kool G Rap & DJ Polo, Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, and Black Sheep. Before we started officially recording we took a year to choose the right beats for the album. Once we reached the decision of what beats will make the cut I started writing and recording. What made the process easier was Flash including the scratch hooks on most of the beats so all I had to do was follow his direction. As far as the album being underrated, I wouldn’t call it that because it hasn’t reached everyone yet. We are still building our base one fan at a time. The fans that have purchased the album so far have rallied behind us and we have been getting great reviews from the DJ’s. At the end of the day we are a new group and we have a lot of work to do to become a house hold name!

You worked with DJ Flash on this one, what is that creative process like and how is he to work with?

Working with DJ Flash is dope!  The chemistry is evident. Flash and I have been rockin for 20 years. We share the same vision and ear for the music we create which makes it seem effortless when we record. As far as the process is concerned, once Flash and I decided on the sound and feel of our music he goes into an incredible zone which inspires me to write. We live literally 5 minutes from each other. There will be times when he calls me out of the blue, play the beat over the phone and I drive over to his house to really listen to it. For an example, “Down Sister” was written on the spot at his house when he played the beat for the first time. It was so real we cut the demo version at the house before I took it to C’Era Leone Studio to officially record it. 

The cover art is crazy, has that real 80’s / 90’s graf vibe. Who designed that?

The very talented Phile – @phil_to_tha_e (Instagram) created the illustration. The direction for the album artwork was created by my good friend and long time collaborator, Tobias Rose of Komplek Creative @Tobias_Rose @komplekscreative . He is the genius behind the album artwork for my album covers on Carnage, No Excuses, and The Jammington. 

The album is 8 tracks long, each of them is fire, do you have a favourite and if so, which is it and why?

Honestly I do not have a favorite song on the album because each song brought out a different emotion which created a timeless body of work. When I go back and listen to a song it forces me to start at the beginning and listen to the entire album over and over again lol. 

You have a very eclectic catalogue, do you have a favourite or preferred genre to work in?

Again, it is tough to choose a favorite because of the experience and process it took to create each one. All of these albums are based off of moments in my life. There are moments that are better than others, times I love to remember and some I wish I could forget but it took all of those moments to write all the music that goes on to these albums. 

How can people get in touch with what you’re doing and how can they cop that Lineage album?

Everybody can reach me by following me on Instagram @finianstomer @wearethelineage & @goldeneramusicinc . The Lineage album is available on all digital platforms! I have a bundle deal going on right now on my website where fans can purchase the physical album paired with a t-shirt or hoodie with the album artwork printed on them.  The album is on a customized usb card packed with the album, instrumentals, acapellas, artwork, and the Lineage video!

You and Golden Era Music – what’s next?

Golden Era Music will be releasing LINEAGE 2 this summer! We plan to release a new Lineage album twice a year. So follow us and stay tuned for new music and merchandise! I am also going to release THE FRESHINGTON produced by Kuddie Fresh this year. This is the follow up to The Jammington. The Freshington is an unreleased album that was recorded in 2013. That will be the last “Chaundon” album. 

Make sure you got and follow Lineage on the socials and take the next 40 mins or so to enjoy their banging debut album below. Head over to Raw Side Hip Hop on Facebook and let us know what you think!

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By Brutus Maximus

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