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The Ruler Gods‘ is a fantastic collaboration between Dirt Platoon’s Raf Almighty (who is already riding high on the back of the brilliant ‘Kujo’ album), G Stats (One Click Bang / Bankai Fam) and producer Rawmatik. With little fanfare, they dropped this joint and it has quickly become one of my favourite albums of the year thus far.

It kicks off with the title track ‘The Ruler Gods‘ which also features one of the dopest emcees of all time – Ras Kass. The beat is thumping with sick scratches that just make me stankface throughout the entire joint. Everyone rips the mic and it’s a flat out banger. ‘Damaged Goods‘ is rough and rugged in style and message, while ‘The Undersouls‘ changes it up and drops some hard, heavy rock riffs that allow G Stats and Raf to just bully the beat and spit flames.

After a fun and funky little interlude ‘Back to God (Rawmatik’s Theme)‘ it’s back to the bangers and bully rap with ‘Ain’t Scared‘, a track that hits you hard and right between the eyes but not all just bragging and fronting (the hook stating the realest ‘I ain’t scared to cry’ line….). ‘Gunflash‘ is a cautionary, boom bap track featuring Ruste Juxx who splices himself into this collabo effortlessly. DJ Kool Kasko crushes this too giving it that extra spicy street feel.

Chase The Dragon‘ features DJ Kool Kasko again, but this time M-Dot brings his Bostonian bars to the table in one of the best tracks on the album. It has that killer 80s, Rakim kind of vibe to it courtesy of the crushing bassline, and all emcees spits sharp bars. ‘Discernment‘ is a little more upbeat and funky, but still brings the bars and content with Napoleon Da Legend showcasing his super lyrical sixteen alongside Raf and Stats.

Rounding out the album is ‘Nature of God‘, an ominous soundscape that G Stats and One Click Bang crush with the gruff flow, a remix of ‘The Undersouls‘ and ‘Impress (Outro)‘ which ensure this album finishes as strongly as it started and cements itself as one of the best hip hop joints in 2021.

Bangers: Chase the Dragon, The Ruler Gods, Gunflash, The Undersouls

Score: 9.5 / 10. Exceptional. This is a fantastic hip hop album, from the production to the synergy between Raf Almighty and G Stats. Add in those guest verses from some of the best spitters and it’s one complete package. Half a dozen spins later and it still just hits that sweet spot. Brilliant.

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  1. Dope! Review! All do Respect! I’m One Click Bang and Bankai Fam! One Click Bankai! Nature of God is O.C.B!!! Mention that Part Please! Thank you for the props

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