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Raf Almighty, one half of the incredible hip hop super duo Dirt Platoon, closed out 2020 with his very own solo album ‘Kujo‘. Dropping on the very same day as his partner in rhyme Snook da Crook dropped ‘Thieves Code‘ and on the back of a stellar Dirt Platoon project ‘Get Ya Handz Dirty‘ from earlier in the year – buzz was large. The great news is, it lives up to the hype and is a brutal, banging boom bap album for the real hip hop heads.

If you recognise the name, Cujo was an iconic Stephen King joint from the early 1980’s and was prime horror. The story in short – a dog gets bitten by a bat, goes rabid and terrorises a whole heap of people. In a year where coronavirus has terrorised us all (insert your own bat reference!) it’s a fitting album and title to close out 2020 with. It’s also relevant because Raf gets after rhymes like Cujo goes after people. On. Yo. Ass….. all day, every day.

This album is produced by Bombdrop who clearly understood who he was working with and knew he needed to come correct with a suite of beats that just cracks you upside the head. He does and each track is a standalone banger that has you nodding the dome and snapping that neck. It’s that gritty New York sound, dusty with lots of drums and snares which is the kind of hip hop I crave and love. With the interspersed snippets from the movie – quotes and soundbytes – it is the perfect canvas for Raf to grip the mic and make some noise.

Now if Dirt Platoon are your thing, I don’t need to tell you that Raf can really spit bars. He’s got great delivery and flow, lyrics are on point and he gives you that effort on the mic – no kicking back and just being there, he always make his presence felt. Kujo doesn’t stray from this formula. There are a handful of features from Snook da Crook, Guy Grams, Blaq Poet, Jay Royale and others who also bring the heat and match the emphatic pen game and delivery of Raf in a case of steel sharpening steel.

But this album is all about Raf Almighty and it’s one hell of a listen. Raf is always compelling, brings complexity to his rhymes and overall invites the listener into his world through his music. Kujo is yet another fantastic example of what a hip hop record should be.

Bangers: Feed U, Raw, Alpha, Poorman

Score: 9 / 10. This joint brings the heat from start to finish. The features are great but not outnumbering, and the skits / interludes / soundbytes bring cohesion to the overall concept without detracting from the music and overall listen. It’s another banger from a hip hop legend.

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