You already know the name and the flames – Shorty Mic regularly graces Raw Side Hip Hop because he continues to put out dope music, real music and we love it. This time he is thumping our eardrums with another banger, an older track that he has rekindled titled ‘Come At You Again‘. After numerous spins and repeats, I can tell you one thing for free – Shorty Mic doesn’t just make music, he makes ANTHEMS.

If you’ve been keeping your ear to the ground and eyes on the social platforms, you’ll have already seen some of the ‘teaser’ images and quotes from the joint. IF that’s piqued your interest, you are going to love when you get to bang this joint loud as hell in FULL in your headphones on August 7.


Now, while you wait, as Pac said… ‘picture perfect, I paint a perfect picture‘…. This track is hard. It has an ‘theme song’ feel that you can’t help but nod your head to. If you rode with G Unit at the peak of their industry takeover, then you’re going to feel this track. It’s got the same chest thumping, head nodding soundtrack and lyrically Shorty Mic just keeps it 100. Accessible REAL lyrics that hit the mark, and make you walk a little bit taller.

So, click the link above, make sure you check out Shorty Mic on the social platforms and if you haven’t already, peep our Beneath The Surface feature we did with the rhyme crafter back in February. And get ready for August 7.

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