JFliz Powers That Be

JFliz is back with his latest album, and it seems like the Bostonian emcee is just finding new ways to level up, which is why he is constantly hitting our radar. You probably caught the ‘featured artist’ piece we did a month or so back, or you may have peeped the ‘Devil at the Pulpit’ review even earlier in the year – but either way, you’re about to be forced to notice what JFliz brings to the table with his upcoming offering ‘The Powers That Be‘ which drops 26 November.

Before we dive into the music though, let’s take the time to acknowledge the killer album art courtesy of the talented AF P-Ro (who also drops dope music as a solo artist and as part of the Knuckle Dragguz crew). Yet another sick album cover and it also completely nails the duality of the project that JFliz drops on our heads. But let’s get right into letting you know what is coming at you from a musical standpoint.

We get 10 tracks of good old fashioned hip hop. Not that dope beats and rhymes are ‘old school’ but this album blends the modern soundscape with the authenticity of that boom bap, street rap. JFliz holds it down himself for the most part, but when we do get a feature or two, we get some real emcees going IN with their bars. You will have heard G Fam Black crush it on Lava Cake, but you also get dope sixteens from P-Ro, Aztech from Hybrid Thoughts, Vic Monroe, Mayhem of EMS, Tali Rodriguez and more. Not to mention DJ Decepta pops up on more than one occasion to slice up the tracks with incredible cuts.

I know my music, vibe and style a little different than a lot of what’s out there, but really feel like this project was such a dope way to end the year…this shit like a posse album, a culmination and celebration of all I’ve done and cats I’ve linked with this year” Fliz says. And we couldn’t agree more.

JFliz has continued his progression with the pen too, really crafting clever and poignant rhymes that tell a story, or paint a picture or just flat out rip a mic. There is a good blend of introspective, bravado and just bars…. His gruff yet approachable flow commands your attention, so having quality bars when you draw people in is a must – and Fliz crushes it. “If you fronting on Fliz that’s the end of you son / Leaving no doubt I’m dope going all out in ‘21 / You like chum in the water I’ma slaughter like sharks / You wannabe bunch of piranhas, no biting and all bark / Wanna tangle with us animals well this is Noah’s Ark / Y’all think I’m playing watch me end games like Tony Stark“…… he spits on the first verse of ‘End Game’ feat. P-Ro….. Wooooooaaahhhh…..

Bangers: End Game, Good Man, Lava Cake, Salute.

Score: 8.75 / 10. This album is yet another dope offering from JFliz. Musically, the production has matured with more variety within the overall product, and Fliz is sharpening his pen with every bar. As mentioned the features and cuts are top tier and this is a refreshing and really fun listen. In fact, it’s a must spin, so make sure you go and cop it when it drops on 26 November.

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