Porter Haus Productions Steak & Potatoes Volume 1 The Main Ingredient

Remember back in the day when you’d rush to grab a copy of a dope compilation joint like Big Kap & Funk Flex ‘The Tunnel‘ or DJ Clue ‘The Professional‘ or Tony Touch ‘The Piecemaker‘ ? Well, it may have been a minute or more since we had THOSE types of compilations, but 2020 has delivered one of the most premium cuts of hip hop collaboration in years – Porter Haus Productions ‘Steak & Potatoes Vol. 1: The Main Ingredient‘.

Let us catch you up to speed on this one. Nicole Porter grew up on hip hop and has more than a finger on the pulse when it comes to the hip hop indie scene. So, it was only a matter of time before real recognised real. Her paths crossed with Rim who we know is a key cog in the culture, repping Brownsville, Ruck Down / Duck Down Records etc and in January of this year (yes before it all went to hell) they met in person and decided on a course of action that now leads us to one of the best albums of 2020.

The idea behind the entire venture from the Porter Haus Productions to the initial compilation drop was about two things: PREMIUM quality hip hop and doing it for the culture. With a network of thousands, Rim & Nicole were able to secure some of the best emcees, producers and support for Steak & Potatoes – and they’re just getting started.

Steak & Potatoes Vol. 1: The Main Ingredient creates unique pairings of artists. Producers and emcees who may never have worked together before, to create something dope and exclusive. The result is refreshing, real hip hop and something that the Porter Haus team can be really proud of.

So just who makes the cut on this joint? Far too many dope emcees and producers to mention them all right now, so check out the tracklist below, but here is a high level analysis. Buckwild, PF Cuttin, 38 Spesh, VDon, Big Ghost LTD headline the producers, while RJ Payne, Rome Streetz, Estee Nack, Bubba Rock, Planet Asia, Skyzoo, Che Noir, Jay Royale and PLENTY more headline the emcees. Did I mention before just how legit this album is???

Ok, so now let’s specifically talk about the music. With this kind of line up and with Nicole and Rim at the helm, you aren’t getting something half done. They’ve remained true to their vision and created premium quality, top tier hip hop. 13 tracks which are all meat and no fat. ‘Avian Flu‘, ‘Barracudas‘ and ‘To The Death‘ all have their own videos and their own style. To The Death has a wicked deep guitar riff, Barracudas has a slowed down, grimey feel with haunting vibes and Avian Flu is more stripped back with that Griselda-style vibe to showcase the bars.

Porter Haus Promotions Steak and Potatoes back cover

When you can take so many talented people, create pairings that are outside the norm AND make a 13 track album that has no gaps, no weak points, no skips AND pays homage to the entire hip hop culture and craft – you’ve got something special. That is what Porter Haus Productions has delivered heads in 2020. So, hit up their website as you won’t get this on DSP’s yet and it’s well worth the cheddar, cop it and bump this on repeat. Then, make sure you check for the team because they’ve got a LOT more coming including a second version of this ‘Steak & Potatoes’ brilliance (not likely until 2022!)

Bangers: Cornerpocket, Gold Aura, Much Distance, Avian Flu, Barracudas, Process.

Score: 9 / 10. This is one fantastic release and something that all hip hop heads need in their collection to remind them of 2020. Through all the lockdowns, no shows, inability to physically tear it up for the most part, to get a compilation, posse cut joint like this is ridiculous and a much needed escape. The production is on point, the rhymes are sharp and the overall concept and idea is something I f&*ks with heavy!

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