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Coming across dope new hip hop is something that every hip hop head loves! In the modern world, it’s more digital digging that the previous crates or record stores, and the online element has ensured we have a heap of dope communities to help share that hot new shit. Recently, I came across this ‘Random Acts of Violence‘ album by Mr. Beleaf – and It has been in heavy rotation ever since. First thing you notice, is that Beleaf has a really dope voice and flow. I must admit, I haven’t been across the Floridian / Miami hip hop scene as closely as others, but peeping this album means I’ll be checking for more. Let’s dig in.

Outside of the dope flow and voice, another key element to Mr. Beleaf is his dedication to the lyrical element of his craft. There is a real focus on ‘bars matter’ and this mentality ensures that you’re really tuned in to every track. There are also times where Beleaf can take a story, and create an ‘audio visual’, painting hypothetical pictures with his prose – and it is a refreshing change from the traditional braggadocio, coke rap bars. Especially when it’s done as well as Beleaf does it. Let’s not leave out his ear for beat choice though – because it’s like he takes the challenge upon himself to stay fluid with his production choice, choosing a soundscape that fits the narrative or track he’s aiming to create. Again, this is key to showcasing that versatility and keeping an album interesting.

SIDE NOTE: Let’s stop for a moment as I have just learned that this album is essentially a compilation of loosies that needed a home! Safe to say, what an audio pleasure it is for hip hop heads to hear these and not have them lost to the cutting room floor. Extra kudos for the album title now taking on extra meaning. And you KNOW that wasn’t by accident. Mr. Beleaf is like that.

Highlights from this album include: ‘Pianos in the Dark‘ which is not only a dope track but one of the best beats I’ve heard in a minute, ‘No Handle Bars‘ which is a well-crafted social commentary, and also ‘Boxin‘ which is menacing, powerful and an ANTHEM. Even just in this snapshot of tracks, it highlights the versatility and creativity of the South Florida emcee. Take the time to experience ‘Random Acts of Violence‘ from Mr. Beleaf and get him into your playlists, rotation and your ‘must peep’ artists list.

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