Every man, woman, cat and dog know that Nas released ‘King’s Disease‘ last week, (if you didn’t then WOW, not sure what you’re doing on a hip hop site, but WELCOME and please peep our review of that Nas joint) but how many of you know that incredible hip hop projects from Recognize Ali, Buckwild, Daniel Son, Flee Lord, The Bad Seed and others dropped on or around exactly the same time?

We at Raw Side Hip Hop are passionate about providing REAL hip hop coverage to the masses. To compete with the shitty mainstream reporting and selective listening and to give the art, the artists and the culture the recognition, love and support it deserves. Last Friday, when I saw all forms of social media flooded with images, links, reviews and discussion around the Nas release – I was pissed. People were even willing to put in the effort to argue his beat selection, his discography and the fact that Jay Z released a song with Pharrell on exactly the same day (and the history of this ‘coincidence’) but rarely if EVER, did I see any love or support shown for any of the other releases mentioned above.

Now, I’m not hating on Nas. He’s one of the best to ever pic up a mic, even if he has been hit or miss throughout the latter stages of his career for me personally. What I want from REAL hip hop heads, is to not just have the easy ‘headline’ conversations, let’s talk some of that true to the art, authentic, lyrical dart spitting realness MORE often though. Let’s share the links of cats people don’t know, let’s open the door and the conversation about some of the dope underground emcees, producers etc. The more we make it a normal part of our hip hop discussions, the better for everyone involved – and of the course the more ammunition we ALL have when fighting the online trolls that have determined ‘hip hop died in the 90’s’.

You can go back through our past 6 or 8 months of hip hop coverage. From album reviews, to monthly release recaps, right through to our interviews and pieces on up and coming artists. You can follow our social media and you can use this to spark conversations all over the internet about REAL hip hop. No one knows it all – I learn DAILY from other hip hop heads who I’ve met through this site and facebook page. It’s like a virtual hunt or dig through the crates and I crave it, so let’s make THAT the norm for others too.

The other thing I’d love to see from the real hip hop heads is support for the underground artists. Yes we all pay for Spotify or other streaming services, but the actual artists don’t see much from that – but it DOES help promote, so keep sharing. However, if you stream an album like Ransom – Directors Cut Scene 3, then jump over to bandcamp and buy it. Or if you see Hanzo Bladez come out with a dope AF t-shirt, or LoGun with his cassettes etc then snap them up. Money is tight, we can’t buy everything, but every now and then, make sure you find a way to give back to the artist who made you feel a certain way with their lyrics or beats.

I’m trying not to preach, but rather to reach so in turn we all can teach. Nas doesn’t need your purchase. He doesn’t need your love, your affection, your discussion, but there are emcees, really talented guys and producers too, who are working 3 or 4 jobs and investing in themselves just to create incredible music for the culture. Let’s invest our time, energy and even a couple of bucks where we can, back into them.

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About The Author

By Brutus Maximus

Founder of Raw Side Hip Hop. Been rocking with the hip hop culture for over 30 years. Love the creativity, authenticity of the art and the culture as a whole. Shout out to the real ones making and supporting true hip hip and the artists who make it!