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If you haven’t heard of the infamous ‘Hip Hop Lifers‘ then you need to step your game up! HHL is one of the best and fastest growing hip hop Facebook groups who have also branched out to Twitter, YouTube and more. Now, their latest effort has resulted in one of the dopest hip hop lineups playing live in Massachusetts on March 13, 2022 at Electric Haze. Headlined by the lyrically gifted Weapon E.S.P, and with a strong supporting cast including fellow Genosha Records general and Savageland member Ghost of The Machine, Speak the Rebel w/ Ferris (Animal Embassy), JFliz and more, it’s going to be one hell of a show.

So, with about a month until this thing kicks off, and with tickets on sale now, we caught up with Hip Hop Lifers founder Anthony L’Italien to get a bit of insight as to how the Hip Hop Lifers takeover has come about, what we can expect in the future and how you can all get involved and support this underground, grassroots, hip hop movement and culture.

Brutus Maximus (Raw Side Hip Hop): We’ve got a bit of a history of working together now… I’m a big fan of what you’re doing with the Hip Hop Lifers and you’ve been really supportive of Raw Side Hip Hop as well, so it’s exciting to see this next step in ‘the takeover’! Tell the people how MARCH RAPNESS has come to be.
Anthony L’Italien (Hip Hop Lifers): When I first started the page, it was mostly just to help spread better Hip Hop than what I was seeing on other supposed Hip Hop pages out there. The page started gaining lots of traction with several dope local artists in the North East so it got me thinking “How crazy would it be to see all of these MC’s and/or DJ’s live the same night?” Then as it grew even more it turned into more of “I can make that happen I bet” which was roughly a year ago. It REALLY started to take shape when Ferris Electrik and Speak The Rebel (Animal Embassy) approached myself and Brad Bailey after they had just secured a spot at a local venue (Electric Haze in Worcester, MA ) to host a Hip Hop night the second Sunday of the Month for the next year and they asked us if Hip Hop Lifers page wanted to take charge of curating and promoting the March event. Since it was something we had already been thinking about for a while it was a no brainer and sort of a match made in Hip Hop heaven.

BM: What a dope, organic way to grow! These things tend to happen when you have people wanting to see everyone eat and succeed, and Raw Side Hip Hop, Hip Hop Lifers and a LOT of the artists involved in the group and the show certainly are true people of the culture. So, let’s talk a bit about what March Rapness is going to be about!
AL: The plan is to showcase some of the best MC’s, DJ’s, Producers and entertainers that Mass, Rhode Island and New Hampshire have to offer. The plan is to keep everyone’s head bobbing to a fire beat all night and their mind blown by the amazing lyricist the MC’s will be spitting. We want to leave them wanting more and looking forward to the next event. The event will also be going live on our Hip Hop Lifers page on Facebook so those who can’t attend in person can still feel like they are a part of it. We are encouraging those who check out the live streaming to show some love by making a PayPal contribution of $10 which will go towards future shows and to ensuring the artists on stage that night get rightly compensated for their time and talents.

BM: Well it certainly sounds like an incredible night, and we will be representing via the live stream to show our support for the Hip Hop Lifers, but also the dope lineup of artists that you’ve put together. The event is only ONE hustle you’ve got on the grind right now. So share with the people, what else is on your hip hop horizon!
AL: Depending on how this first event goes the plan is to continue doing similar shows at that venue and possibly other venues closer to the Boston MA area. There is also a Hip Hop Lifers compilation album in the works that will also contain contributions from Miami, Florida’s resident UGHH guru Rudy Barro of WVCC radio on Twitch. We are currently running an MC’ing contest on the page called “Who Got The Bars?” and the prizes for that will include spots on that album which will be exclusively sold on Bandcamp.

BM: Alright my man, the floor is yours. What else do you want to tell the readers about March Rapness or Hip Hop Lifers?
AL: This is completely fan driven and artists driven and not industry driven or profit driven. The most important thing is that the people in attendance and the people watching on the HHL page have a great time and hopefully find a new favorite artist and they go buy music and/or Merch from their Bandcamp.

Well if you didn’t know, now you know! March Rapness is a fantastic event with some incredible emcees and other hip hop people involved. You can get your tickets to the show by CLICKING THIS LINK and make sure you tap in to the Hip Hop Lifers Facebook group and all other socials. In the meantime, press play below and enjoy listening to some of the top tier artists that are going to be featured at the show!

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