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When Poe Mack drops new music, I listen. Ever since I stumbled upon Tamarack Lane, I’ve been hooked on his deliberate and engaging flow, his ability to create visuals with his verbs and the overall vibe that his music brings my ears. ‘Mountain God 3‘ is the latest in the trilogy, and while it’s relatively short – checking in at just seven tracks – there is beauty in the simplicity. From start to finish the listener is taken on a sonic journey from the dusty, boom bap meets ethereal, string-filled soul production to the poignant pen game Poe Mack provides.

The ‘Merciless‘ intro, triumphantly sets the tone and gets you mentally prepared to hear some shit you don’t often hear – hard hitting, purposeful bars that blend bravado and positivity. ‘Godimus Prime‘ is a more melancholic number, with a darker, moodier soundscape as Poe uses his gruff delivery to cut through the suspenseful score, before ‘AOTY‘ switches it up completely and let’s the light in with its vibrant, string laced production, horns and killer cuts from the best DJ in the game right now – Tone Spliff. This is boom bap of the finest quality and the head nod gets some serious repetitions in.

Condolences‘ uses harmonious keys to act as the glue between the bars and beats for a track that is brimming with emotion and Poe captures that essence in content and delivery. ‘From The Clouds Up‘ is back to inspiring with crisper drums and a funky horn section that gets the mood right, while Mack keeps it real but relishes the vibe before Tone Spliff is back at it again on ‘Mic Lord‘ which is a slower, more deliberate track that once again ensures the listener is paying attention to the message. The final track ‘The Getback pt.2‘ closes things out with a sense of accomplishment resonating through the big orchestral feel of the track and Poe Mack just diving head first into the track with a mix of life lessons, confidence and business talk.

This album is a really enjoyable listen and the cohesiveness of the offering needs to be highlighted as there are no weak bars, no tracks that don’t fit the overal feel of the project etc. Poe Mack and Van Gunz have really crafted a top notch project that deserves plenty of attention from the hip hop faithful.

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By Brutus Maximus

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