Taiyamo Denku Hip Hop or Death

Taiyamo Denku has just dropped his latest album ‘Hip Hop or Death LP‘ and if you haven’t caught it yet, you’re missing out on some fantastic, high quality hip hop. Denku is one of those ‘real’ emcees who just flat out spit bars. Whether dropping singles, collaborations, freestyles, podcasts or opening up the vault of previous recordings (he’s done all that this year!) you can tell Denku just lives for the craft and the culture. That passion shines through on his latest offering ‘Hip Hop or Death LP’ which also has the backing of 100 MAD which is synonymous with ONYX and underground hip hop.

Back in February, we got a single from Denku featuring Sonny Seeza called ‘Concrete Street’ which was a banger. While that joint DOESN’T feature on the new album, we still get a verse from Seez, as well as Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz – just to continue the Onyx theme. And while Denku himself is always worth tuning in for, the features which also include Ras Kass, ETO, Cambatta and plenty more, showcase the quality of lyricism and content found on the album.

Behind the boards is Bo Faat who is a long-time collaborator of the Wisconsin emcee. These two work together like mac’n’cheese, a tasty, hearty and satisfying pairing that you just keep coming back to. This latest album might be their best and most compelling collaboration though. Denku explores a host of topics and really mixes up his insane lyrical content with some carefully crafted, poignant and introspective bars. Bo Faat provides a more complex yet still dusty, authentic boom bap soundtrack as well which continues to highlight the ever expanding skillset he has.

Without a doubt though, this is Taiyamo Denku at his best. He’s melting faces with his devilish wordplay, he’s spitting hard and raw and the album is a brilliant listen from start to finish. You’ll need multiple spins because this album grows on you with that extra flavour – and to make sure you catch these sick sixteens that come at you from all angles.

Make sure you go and support the real hip hop and put some money in the artists pocket! This one is worth the investment.


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