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This seven track, 20 minute EP from Red Inf is a fantastic addition to your hip hop playlist for 2021. Having already dropped ‘Revenge of the Have Nots‘ earlier this year, ‘A Kid From Queens‘ continues to hit the mark delivering quality hip hop – beats and bars, that make the head nod. Produced by Backpack Beatz, we get a varied and versatile ride through the mind of Red Inf. Witty wordplay, well crafted rhymes permeate the eardrums and flow over the dusty, boom bap vibe created by Beatz, it’s got BANGER written all over it. Being an EP, it teases the listener, gifting us just enough to be fully enamoured by the skillset, but also leaving us hungry enough to spin it again and again, go back to ‘Revenge of the Have Nots’ and to keep him on our ‘watch’ list.

There are only the two features as well, which is perfect for a release or project of this size. When it’s only 20 minutes of music, we want to hear that main man flowing all the time, but in this case a verse from UFO Fev on ‘BBC‘ and one from Ali Vegas on ‘Money & Violence‘ adds to the overall character and offering of the EP. Every track slaps and while they’re unique enough to stand apart from each other, as a collective they work brilliantly together and I gotta admit, this got about 5 or 6 straight run-throughs – no skips, so it has the replay value.

If you are up to speed with Red Inf, it’s time you got familiar. Check out ‘A Kid From Queens‘ below and then circle back and make sure you catch the Revenge joint as well. Thank us later.

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