We all know Mo Rukuz. The Grimewav General, the gruff, raspy flow-having emcee who continues to knock out banging bars either as a killer feature artists, as part of his Grimewav cohort, or by just simply holding it down dolo and getting it done. Well, his latest release introduces hip hop heads to a sort of ‘alter ego’ if you like. Trading in the grimy, for the completely filthy, maniacal and dark-side emcee who IS the SkumKing.

While we continue to wait for ‘Behemoth‘ at some point this year, Mo Rukuz treats his fans to a murky, dark and belligerent trip inside his criminal mind for this EP. Produced by Lurch and with scratches supplied by the one and only Tone Spliff, SKUMKING is an intriguing listen. “Most of this was conjured upon my release from corrections in the darkest months of the year, the ambience is a reflection of that.” said Mo via social media. It’s the perfect summation of SKUMKING too because this EP has a whole lot more of that ‘hidden agenda’ to it. That Hannibal Lecter inside the mind of a psycho feel, without the ‘balance’ of the braggadocio and bars that his other offerings present.

There is still hella lyrical content in this joint though. It’s not all filth, there’s plenty of fire there too, the difference is the way this offering sounds, and how you can feel through the production, through the flow, through the bars – that you’re somewhere that would normally be ‘off-limits’. The focus is definitely on trying to create that trip inside the criminal mind and Rukuz does it really well. At only 8 tracks and clocking just 20 something minutes, there isn’t much time for anything that doesn’t contribute to this exclusive insight, so it’s a dark and twisted journey every minute.

Make sure you go and check out SKUMKING from Mo Rukuz now. It’s available for NAME YOUR PRICE (and always I suggest flicking a few bucks to these artists who are making incredible hip hop so we can continue to see their craft in the culture) and will be on all DSP’s in the coming week.

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