Lo Gun The Renaissance Man

The much-anticipated release from Genosha General Lo Gun has finally hit out headphones and it is a big time slap to the head! Having already released ‘For Elastics‘ and ‘Shooters from the Future‘, we knew what to expect – quality beats produced by UK boardbeast Farma Beats, and razor sharp lyrics from Lo Gun who just eviscerates the mic every time he gets in the booth. Well, The Renaissance Man doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. From the opening beats / bars from the title track, this album grabs you by the ears and ensures you listen and listen good.

Never forget that it was man who sparked the renaissance” Lo Gun spits on the first joint, the punchy title track ‘The Renaissance Man‘. This track really resonates as Lo Gun goes IN, razor sharp bars that are spit with ferocious passion – which is a theme throughout this project. ‘For Elastics‘ is a more ethereal joint where Farma Beats strips it back a little and creates a vibe for Lo to flow through. It’s a short track, but it’s precision with the pen. ‘Shooters from the Future‘ still hits as cleanly as it did a few months back, with the verbal weaponry on full display and taking no prisoners with a street score and superb keys.

One Man Mission‘ is an anthem. The hunger that is within the flow of this track is captivating as Lo Gun allows us to not only feel his presence on this one, but allows us to ride shotgun alongside side him for this boom bap beauty. The final track uses a kick ass computer game styled production and a killer hook (Big L what up!!!) that sees Lo and fellow Genosha kings Weapon E.S.P and Ghost of the Machine rip the microphone with purpose. There’s an attitude all over ‘No Rappa‘, but it’s not one of arrogance, it’s supreme confidence – and it should be as the trio of emcees are ON ONE with this joint.

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By Brutus Maximus

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