G Fam Black DRAW

DRAW! is the second project by G Fam Black which was completely produced by Knuckle Dragguz group member P-Ro. With this release, P-Ro created a mini comic book with images from each song which is one hell of a collectors item, so be sure to head over to Bandcamp and cop yours. But for now, let’s talk a bit more about the project!

Obviously we covered the single ‘Don’t Try Us’ featuring Skanks the Rap Martyr, but since then, the hard-working duo released ‘Pacific Halibut‘ featuring Vic Monroe and now, we get the entire project to load up into the headphone and play LOUD. G Fam Black has been churning out bars with a reckless abandon all year long and while every release slaps, this one bangs in a different kind of way. Largely due to being entirely produced by P-Ro, but also the development of that sound to explore more cinematic and ethereal elements within the music.

Shocker‘ has a real sci-fi vibe to it, while ‘Over Under‘ has a haunting, eerie, psycho-thriller feel. Both tracks are fire though, and G Fam slays them with his deliberately brutal delivery. The dark ‘Payin for Layin‘ explores the street walker industry, before the change-up to a more upbeat and airy ‘Hustle Talk‘ leading into a palette cleansing interlude ‘Clean Break‘. ‘Battle of Waterloo‘ bangs you over the head with those G Fam bars and some diverse drum use but ‘What You Gonna Do‘ takes it back to the funky, dusty, record scratching 90’s zone.

Rounding out the release is ‘Secret Societies‘ which is like a 1940’s motion picture score complete with keys, violin etc and ‘Pacific Halibut‘ which uses a sick vocal hook and the feature from Vic Monroe is not just a dope sixteen, it’s a really good vibe and interaction with G Fam. Vastly different, yet complementary styles if you will. And just like that, it’s over and you gotta go and press play on that bad boy again.

Bangers: Battle of Waterloo, Hustle Talk, Shocker, Don’t Try Us, Pacific Halibut

Score: 9 / 10. I’ll have to revisit this when I get the physical and can experience the complete package with the 11 pieces of killer street art that rounds out this release, but strictly on the tunes it deserves this score. The production is a really good kind of different, while G Fam never misses when it comes to his pen game. I wanted more, I think this could easily be a 40 minute joint instead of a sub 30 min one, but I’m selfish like that.

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