Enels x Slaine Underground

We’ve been waiting on this Enels joint since we first saw the cover art and the BIG TIME collaboration with Slaine, but man, we weren’t ready! Let’s kick things off by addressing the killer beat that Hanzo Bladez has blessed his fellow Grimey General with. It’s a heat rock, with some 90’s video game vibe, but hard enough to crack a safe and with some killer cuts from DJ CLIF that make your head nod and spin. Seriously, the track is outside the box and out of this world.

Slaine kicks the track off with a fire feature. There is real respect shown from the underground legend as he puts his pen game to work and delivers. Plus, when Slaine hits a track, he leaves it smoking and ‘Underground‘ is no exception, his flow as potent as ever with a wicked rhymes scheme. Enels steps up and exhibits some of the best bars he’s ever written and he’s spittin’! The iconic voice cuts through the track and his bars continue to level up. And that’s no mean feat as the quality of Enels (and all of Grimewav) verses seems to be getting so high, we’re getting nose bleeds.

Underground‘ is one of the tracks of 2022. Hanzo Bladez destroyed the beat and yet again pushes the envelope of how dope, grimey, street hip hop can sound, Slaine shows that he is as sharp on the mic as he has ever been throughout his decorated and revered career in hip hop, and Enels puts to rest any question that he is one of the nicest up and coming artists in the game. Check out ‘Underground‘ below on Grind Mode Cypher’s YouTube channel (and support GME too – those cats are doing MAJOR things for the hip hop culture!)

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