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NEW | Lerics Dalyricist – ‘Razor Sharp Mindset’ (Prod. Donny G, cuts by DJ Decepta)

Lerics Dalyricist - Razor Sharp Mindset (Prod. Donny G, Cuts. DJ Decepta)

Lerics Dalyricist has taken his own accomplishment and journey of being 6 months sober, and turned it into a positive anthem on ‘Razor Sharp Mindset‘. He is zoned in on the track, crafting his thoughts and feelings into powerful prose. The production is handled by Donny G and he has feasted on this one, delivering a dope soundtrack for Lerics to launch from. The drums are thick, the feeling is powerful. Finally, props to DJ Decepta for bringing his laser focused cuts to really round this joint out.

Check the joint out below and let us know what you think!

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