JFliz The Girl

JFliz adds to his impressive body of work, with ‘The Girl EP‘, a five track mini-audio-movie concept that is vivid, well-crafted and lyrically impressive. While the EP won’t drop until Feb 22, we have the first track and this intriguing teaser / trailer setting the scene for some deep, dark and yet empowering tracks from the Boston emcee. Produced entirely by Mekkanic, this release features some really dope boom bap production, which fits with the theme of the EP – escaping for a better life.

The Girl EP is a dark yet eloquent journey. Each track (1. The Girl, 2. The Boy, 3. The Dad, 4. The Plan, 5. The End) plays its own role within the journey and is written so that it can stand alone or be listened to as part of the whole. Of course, a five track EP you should just pop it in and press play, but I must admit I went back and played ‘The End‘ a few extra times! The feeling JFliz conjures through his impassioned yet focused delivery is first class, and Mekkanic really has a fantastic knack for making music that builds upon itself. And the Rakim sample is something else!

Peep ‘The Girl‘ as a standalone single now, and get ready to digest the full EP when it drops on 22 Feb.

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