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New Heat | Planet Asia & DirtyDiggs – Above Majestic

Planet Asia & DirtyDiggs - Above Majestic

Planet Asia and DirtyDiggs from Gold Chain Music bring some heat that’s different to your usual hip-hop banger! Mainly due to the beat being very unusual but equally and dope. Mainly unusual due to how many kicks it has per bar. Pretty much the kick plays through out unless a snare hits and it makes for a really good beat as it’s constant rather than a more broken structure with caps per say!  And that structure gives it an energetic feel but still maintaining good rhythm and flow. Diggs always pushes the boundaries of production and he was one of, if not the first producer to do the minimal sound, first I heard anyway. Now let’s get to Planet Asia’s part, and yes, he kills this beat fully. I mean when the beat drops I was like “ok, this is different” with it’s many kicks, it’s still a jazzy affair and PA goes in “Gold Chain welcome to the champion Church, skin a rapper over the track and sell him as Merch” god dayum.

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