The drink champ returns with an almighty banger with guest appearances from Griseldas ‘Conway’ & Wu-Tangs ‘Method Man’  to bring the pain to the game and it’s such a banger. Method Man has always had one of the best flows in the game and impeccable bars but he has got better with time and every track he is on he shines and even with such talent as Conway which also does his thing.

It’s good to hear Noreaga spitting to some real street shit over sick beats again as his past few albums have been somewhat of a let down and NORE used to spit that hard QB shit and hope that his next one might be more along these lines. But let’s get to the second release ‘Going Up‘.  Straight away I knew it wasn’t gonna be the same vibe as ‘Outta Line‘ as soon as I saw the name ‘DJ Khaled’ who calls himself a DJ but I have never seen him on a pair of 1210’s. Yeah it’s not bad but it isn’t great either. N.O.R.E. does his thing and the beat is good but with some no talent female MC and Khaled on the hook (of all people to get on a hook!) it’s not for me. Even watching him in the video is cringy. Check out the video below.

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