Mo Rukuz Golden Seclorum

The Grimewav filth overlord Mo Rukuz is back to trash your headphones with some potent, grimey hip hop. You know the name, and you know Grimewav’s game – keep it real, keep it interesting, push the envelope and do it dirty! While ‘Golden Seclorum‘ is just a single, Mo also has an upcoming album BEHEMOTH – slated to hit your playlists in Spring 2021.

Olehead produces a brilliant beat on this one – simple, effective, haunting which allows the contrast of the gravelly voiced Rukuz to really shine. It’s a balanced blend of stunting and insight wrapped up in a track that doesn’t lose it’s lustre after a multitude of spins. In short – it’s gold.

The cover art for the single is also intriguing – with a rougher, grimier version of Caesar’s Palace coming to mind… some King Tutankhamun ish. Peep the new track below and make sure you keep an eye out for Mo Rukuz ‘Behemoth‘ in Spring and the new full-length Grimewav album ‘Clockwork‘ dropping on Feb 12!

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By Brutus Maximus

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