Melly-Mel x Tone Spliff New People

This album is smoother than a top shelf whiskey and equally as intoxicating. ‘New People‘ is an album by Melly-Mel produced entirely by Tone Spliff and is one of the best boom bap albums of 2021. The dusty chops, the golden era vibe, the incisive lyricism – this is the complete package and an indulgent listen.

It’s a hell of a ride as you cruise through the twelve track, 42 minute offering, always staying engaged as your mind meanders through the comprehensive and vivid verbal composition. ‘Let’s Get It‘ is a soulful starting point, easing the listener into what is going to be a near spiritual experience. The title track ‘New People‘ uses a raspy, haunting hook to draw you in before making your head nod uncontrollably, while ‘South Under Repo‘ is straight outta the ATCQ playbook.

Melly-Mel and Tone Spliff put the fun in funky on ‘Ooh Baby‘ with a delightful track for the ‘players and ladies’ among us, while ‘Positive Contact‘ completely spins the vibe on its head, with deep, dark vocal delivery over a semi-sci-fi feeling joint with killer scratches. The first feature appears on ‘Life’s Blessings‘ and we get Kool Taj The Gr8 dropping knowledge with an understated confidence, pairing seamlessly with Mel’s flow and it’s followed up with an appearance by Melly-Mel’s crew The Assembly out of South Africa on ‘Smokin‘.

Just Another Day‘ strips it back a little to allow the Gang Starr sample to shine through as we get a tasteful reminder of that golden era Queen Latifah joint of the same name. Tone then flips it up a little and brings in a soulful-rock infused soundtrack that would make Wyclef proud on ‘Carnival’ and the pairing of Mr Lif with Melly-Mel on ‘Nothing Personal’ is the collab we didn’t know we needed but it comes with a stankface warning.

Closing this voyage through splendid audio scenery are ‘Get It Right‘ an upbeat, uplifting, positive-vibes-only number and ‘Set, Go‘ which brings the soulfulness full circle, with slow, heavy drums and a significant R&B feel. Melly-Mel and Tone Spliff have delivered something perfectly profound with ‘New People‘.

Bangers: Life’s Blessings, New People, Nothing Personal, South Under Repo.

Score: 9 / 10. This is a fantastic album and will be staying in rotation. It’s not the kind of jawn you’ll rock before a party or heading to the gym, but it could easily become the soundtrack to the remaining elements of your life. Wonderful lyricism over diverse and indulgent production, with just enough variety, scratches and sampling to make this hip hop head a huge fan.

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