The fourth of the proposed five EP series for Marty McKay and rhyme slayer Canibus has recently dropped, with four killer tracks – including one sick feature from Chino XL. (There was talk around Locksmith being featured on this release, but that hasn’t transpired and so I’m thinking we have to wait until MT5 before we get to see just how Locksmith spits over McKay production.)

The dark and interesting production suits Canibus flow and angry spitting. Lyrical ability has never been of concern with ‘Bis, it’s always been beat choice, production and other elements that have kept him from blowing up like the beast on the mic he truly is. But, paired with Marty McKay and Chino XL on ‘The Cure for Wellness (Remix)‘ the result is a kick you in the face BANGER.

Four tracks is both plenty and nowhere near enough. Sounds tricky to say, but full length albums have generally been the downfall of Canibus (with some exceptions – the Stoupe produced ‘Rip the Jacker’ for example) and so when you get a sweet 4 track effort like this with no lackluster moments, no filler, no commercialism….. you don’t want to spoil it, but man you wish it went forever. It would be nice if it wasn’t so ‘rock-infused’ but at the same time, it’s not horrible – even if it has it’s Linkin Park style moments.

Too much Marty and not enough ‘Bis, too much rock and not enough rap is probably where I’m headed on this one…… Set aside 20 mins and check out the latest Matrix Theory IV release and let me know what you think.

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By Brutus Maximus

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