Lloyd Banks Course if the Inevitable

Lloyd Banks is back. And I don’t just mean back with a new album, his first in a decade since The Hunger For More 2, I mean he is BACK. ‘The Course of the Inevitable‘ is a fantastic hip hop album and shows a real attention to the craft. You can tell that Banks has taken his time and really brought his A game in creating this 18 track gem and it’s got me and other hip hop heads HYPED.

Even at the height of G Unit, for the the applause and accolades 50 Cent received (and rightfully so), there was Banks going toe for toe, bar for bar with some of the best spitters in the game and shining bright. When it came to delivering solo albums, he didn’t quite hit the mark, and while The Hunger For More was a fantastic release, there has always been this ‘can we get Cold Corner Banks’ (a reference to the piping hot mixtape) to drop an album….. Well, it’s here. C.O.T.I is THAT album.

Lyrics have always been in Banks’ bag, which is why fans have found some of the more commercial releases tough to swallow. It’s the gift and the curse of a talented yet trying to blow mainstream artist. Finally, on his latest album, Lloyd Banks has been album to hit that sweet spot, like Devin Booker hitting triples in the post-season. He’s chosen modern sounding, but still concrete-hard beats and he has blessed each and every one of them with killer bars and wordplay. The husky yet emphatic flow has always been there, but is like an instrument in itself for this grimy masterpiece.

The features are on point as well. They are an addition the album without overpowering it and are scarce throughout the entire project which is great because it gives us what we want – Lloyd Banks. However, the features that ARE included, are talented spitters who are also woven through the fabric of the current hip hop tapestry. Benny the Butcher, Freddie Gibbs, Styles P, Ransom, Roc Marci and others, all bless Banks with some of their best bars.

It’s a tough ask to meet the expectations of the hip hop community after a decade on the sidelines, but Lloyd Banks has managed to navigate the cultural landscape, move with the times and create an album that doesn’t sound like early 2000 bars over modern club beats, but instead showcases quality lyricism, over authentic yet current hip hop production. The result is simply, one of the best albums of 2021.

Bangers: Empathy, Propane, Food, Falsified, Crown, Drop 5, Death by Design

Score: 9.5 / 10. This is the album I knew Banks was capable of and the one I’d been wanting since Hunger For More dropped. It’s edgy, lyrical and has quality production with big drums and big sounds. There is nothing minimal or atmospheric about it – this is a street-level soundtrack. After more than a handful of spins, it’s not leaving the rotation any time soon.

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By Brutus Maximus

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