If you’re a true hip hop head, then you already know the name Ty Farris and his skills on the mic. The Detroit emcee recently spent a little time talking to the team at Raw Side Hip Hop to gain some insight and information behind one of the hardest working and illest emcees on the mic.

Having already dropped ‘No Co-sign Just Cocaine 3’ this year, as well as numerous features such as gracing the Stu Bangas ‘Beats & Blood’ album – it’s already been a nice 2020 for Farris – but he shows no signs of slowing down. Whether he’s writing, spitting, packaging up his merchandise to send around the globe or interacting with fans on social media – Ty Farris puts in WORK.

You’ve already dropped a banging album in 2020 with No Cosign Just Cocaine 3. Talk people through that album, the cats you worked with and what else in in the pipelines.

Yeah NCJC3 was sitting in the safe since like October 2019. Most of the songs I’d recorded the month before. The response has been crazy. Seeing people say it’s an Album Of The Year contender is dope. I recorded and mixed every song except 1 on the project alone. For as the features go…I just reached out to people who I felt brought an energy to enhance the song. Me and Eto recorded our track in Cali. I sent Flee the joint, and he sent it back in like under 24 hours! Wanted to make sure I had someone from the Walkers on it, so I grabbed a verse from Eddie Kaino. And The MAV feat. was perfect cuz I just sent him the beat to set the tone. He killed his verse and I just matched his energy and direction.

You’re from Detroit which is a damn hot spot for top tier, lyrical emcees. What makes it such a cutthroat scene and how did you up your game to rise to be one of the best rappers out the D?

Well for me it was coming up in the battle scene. You had to be ready and willing to compete everyday. The only way to get respect from the OG’s and gatekeepers was to battle when I started. That mindset carried over with a passion to be great into my music. Its like going to the gym and u know u gotta go against one of the best players EVERYDAY…That conditioning and approach brings out the best in people. You cant get better hanging and working with people you better than.

Who were some of your inspirations growing up?

Scarface was my biggest influence. I would like to send prayers for him as he fight the Covid-19. My uncles was Geto Boys fans. Scarface always painted pictures I can really see because I was poor living in the hood. He’s my biggest influence.

The lockdown has got people going crazy, but following you on socials, you’ve been putting in work! Have you got a home studio where you can lay tracks or is it all just writing right now?

Yeah I record at the crib. I turn a beat on and if the beat tells me to rap I rap. Any artist out there reading this…INVEST IN YOURSELF. Get a home setup. I pawned my jewellery 10 years ago to get my setup. I’ve made that money back 50 times over.

You’ve worked with some brilliant artists, who haven’t you worked with but would like to?

I’ve worked with most of the people to be honest. But Roc Marci (verse or production) & Ka would be my choices…Along with Ransom. Top Tier pens ya know.

If you were to take four other rappers from Detroit into a rap battle – who would you pick?

I would get Marvwon, Quest Mcody, X Factor And Midwest Miles

What has been one of your favourite albums of 2020 that isn’t yours? (And you can’t pick Stu Bangas ‘Beats & Blood’ even though you dropped fire on that one!)

As I answer this, Ka album dropping in like 12 hours lol. BUT, right now I would go with Boldy James new project. Cohesive and Alc doesn’t miss. I like Stove God Cooks project along with Ransom releases.

You’ve got some of the sickest merchandise on the market – including that red logo snapback which is fire! How can people cop some Ty Farris gear?

Everything on the site. I do everything myself. Packaging & Shipping. www.tyfarris.com

On Facebook last week, you interacted with fans asking them to drop a favourite track and you’d make a playlist. I’ll forgive you for not putting my Journalist 103 joint on there, but are you going to do more of these types of things?

Yeah I’m gonna keep coming up with ways to keep the playlist fun and at the same time tapped into the underground wave. Gonna have fans do a playlist. Get some of my rapping fans to do some. Keep it fun.

If you want to stay in touch with one of Detroit’s elite emcees, make sure you check out his socials.

Facebook: tyfarris313
Twitter: @tyfarris1
IG: @tyfarris

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