Brutus Maximus: We gotta kick it off like this. Plenty of hip hop heads will know the name and the game of UFO Fev, but tell the community a bit about who you are and how you got here.

UFO Fev: Allow me to introduce myself to the community, my name is UFO Fev. I am a recording artist from the eastside of Harlem. Better known as El Barrio, I was born and raised in the Thomas Jefferson Houses. I got to this point by hard work and dedication. Consistency as well!

BM: It seems we get some dope new hip hop from you every couple of months. Is that a deliberate thing or just as the music hits you?

FEV: It is a bit of both, I am consistently working on new music to express myself. It is a form of therapy for me at this point as much as it is self expression. Putting the music out was hard to understand at first, as far as getting it to stick to the consumer. Once I figured out a formula that works for me, I now try to apply & utilize it as much as possible.

BM: Talk us through your process of writing and creating.

FEV: My process of writing and creating varies based on the project I am working on, if I am in person with a producer then I would more than likely record my vocals as I go. If it’s Email friendly then I write while I’m home or driving around the city. All depends on what inspires me for sure.

BM: You’ve released more than a handful of projects over the past twelve months. Is there one particular album that stands out and if so, why?

FEV: Each project I’ve released over the past twelve months mean a lot to me like my children, I can’t choose one over the other because I lived through each moment creating these moments that people consume as music but to me when I listen to them they’re moments in time. Therefore I appreciate them all for what they’ve done for me and hpw they’ve allowed people to view me.

BM: You grew up in East Harlem and credit Biggie, Jay Z and Beans as inspirations. Who are some of your favourite or inspirational artists?

FEV: Some of my favourite or inspirational artist’s are more than a few that’s for sure. Bob Marley, Amy Winehouse, Curren$y, Young Dolph to Hall & Oates. I can go on for days, lol. I love music and these artists inspire me to create. 

BM: Is there a particular emcee or producer you haven’t worked with yet, but would like to?

FEV: Emcee I would like to work with would be Ghostface. As far as producers it would be The Alchemist. We would make one of, if not the best project in hip-hop whenever it came out.

BM: You recently dropped E Pluribus Unum. For those who may not know this is the motto of the US (out of many, one) what was the reason behind the title?

FEV: The title E Pluribus Unum, was inspired by how I see myself amongst my friends and family. Even in my neighborhood it’s like, out of many, one. I wanted to dedicate an album cover to my friends and this one felt right.

BM: What can people expect when they bump the new joint?

FEV: I’m not sure if I have expectations for the music but it’s great music. That’s it, high quality like wearing your favorite clothing brand. 

BM: Can we ask what is next for UFO Fev?

FEV: What is next for UFO Fev, stay tuned and enjoy the ride!

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By Brutus Maximus

Founder of Raw Side Hip Hop. Been rocking with the hip hop culture for over 30 years. Love the creativity, authenticity of the art and the culture as a whole. Shout out to the real ones making and supporting true hip hip and the artists who make it!