You may remember an album review we did recently, that introduced hip hop heads to Lo Gun of Main Aim. If not, check it out HERE and then bounce right back to know more about one of the illest emcees on the mic right now! And since he just dropped some new visuals for the awesome track ‘5th of Grime‘ we figured what better time to shine a light on him!

In short, Lo Gun has been around the scene for more than a minute, but you may not know his pedigree or what he’s about. So, as we do at Raw Side Hip Hop, we got in touch and dived a little deeper into who Lo Gun is, what makes him such a microphone killer and plenty more. Check it out.

Let’s start by getting to know you. I was recently put onto you by Weapon E.S.P and then came to know that I’d heard you before under a different name! So, let’s tell the people what’s up.

Originally my name was A.P then turned to A.Period. I  did a lot of work under that name in the Boston area. I removed myself a bit and focused on opening a restaurant and when I was asked to collab with Weapon E.S.P we kind of just threw a name together under Viktor Creed. So, his stand out track ‘Lucky Luciano‘ and a few others were produced by me and I feature on that album ‘DEvolution’ under that name. Me and Weapon grew up together. I was a mentor for him and he even hyped some of my shows early on but this man has worked his ass off and is a killer. Putting together some of the best music out now.  Real proud of him we have been best friends since eight years old. 

Lo Gun – it’s a really cool name, and I believe it has some personal meaning behind it. Can you share that with us?

Lo Gun is the name that got me back into everything. It just hit me one day. My love for the furry Canadian is no mystery, I named my son after him as well – Logan Michael. So when I was trying to put this music out I needed to have a name and it just worked. It’s a three-way influenced name: wolverine, being an underground gunner on the Lo cat that bodies it, and my actual son’s name. Shit just worked out real well and gave me the inspiration that I needed!

You have a really unique style, a blend of that 90’s boom bap mixed with some Wu vibes but still keep it unique. Talk us through some of your inspirations.

The sound is definitely something I have always been working on. Me and Haze of Main Aim studied the greats, copped the records they sampled and did the knowledge always. Everybody is influenced and I’m flattered with the Wu influence but it’s not on purpose. My main influences has always been late nineties ABB records sound, Joey Chavez / Evidence / Alchemist /  that was my shit also the Molemen out of Chicago and Jedi Mind Tricks, the whole D.I.T.C (mostly O.C) , Wu and Gang Starr. Also, now Estee Nack has been a huge influence and inspiration – Massachusetts killing shit! I’m very into using Spanish music that’s one of my main influences in my production. I know others do it too but that’s my shit being half Puerto Rican it’s in my blood. I like using more of the record as well. Letting people get to hear what we hear when we are digging that vibe is ill and just sampling little pieces you lose that. That’s why I have mad interludes. It ain’t all about rapping. I’m not trying to or not trying to be boom bap some shit just has drums some doesn’t some is thicker it’s just whatever the record needs. I’m not forcing any big boom bap sound though I like that fly loop style too. Expect to see both from me.

What are your goals over the next 12 months with your music?

My goal is to drop 2-3 more projects this year. I have an EP coming with DJ Goblin, The Shogun Tape 2 and a group project called ‘East Agents’ with Weapon E.S.P and Ghost of the Machine. All pressed on vinyl and cassettes and hopefully a few loosies with other producers and guest spots will be coming out soon. I want to do a large European tour once things cool out. Also I want to get out to some larger radio shows and really flex on heads. Shout out to Patrick at Icy Palms for the first cassette pressing that started it all off!

Are there any other rappers / producers who you’d love to collab with?

The top people I want to work with are Preemo , Alchemist and Muggs. But I don’t sweat it, we got everything we need as far as production and cats to collab with right now in our cypher.

If you could hook up a cypher with three other emcees to just deliver a ridiculous track, who are you picking?

Again as far as cats to cypher with I got them right around me. Ghost of the Machine, Weapon E.S.P and Haze of Main Aim are all killers. If any of them are busy I’m calling Estee (Nack) he’s that man.

We’ve now got the 5th of Grime video (See above!) – are there any others in the making?

Yeah I definitely have two more videos coming before I close out this tapes visuals. ‘WAR of THOUGHTS‘ , and ‘SIT IN SILENCE‘. Will be coming very soon .

You’ve got some stellar album art. Who did this for you and what’s the vibe behind it?

The album art was done by @krisblade. Cat is the best at it. We vibed right away so I gave him the go ahead. He actually listened to my shit and was into it, I don’t just work with whoever.  I told him the vibe – I’m like Wolverine with a fucking gun.  Take out everyone who coming. I grew up with the comics, so I remember a spy version of Wolvie and him working for SHIELD, so I knew we could get some clips and bring it to life.

You do an interesting mix of tapes, vinyl etc. Were you a collector growing up?

I know for a fact CD’s just aren’t popping. I got a lot of scratched up CDs in my collection. Plus my car and computer don’t even have a CD player nah mean? Tapes are a dope piece of art that lasts and vinyl is the best form of media for music – there’s no contest . Plus it separated you from all these cats not willing to invest. The whole tape culture resurgence is one of the dopest things to happen to hip hop. The underground and hip hop in general is always stepping up it’s creativity and physical merch is another way to make bread off this rap shit. Since digital means pretty much nothing  these days. We give you some art to hold onto and put on ya wall.

Finally, how can everyone cop that Shogun Tapes joint if they haven’t already, as well as some sick stickers, merch etc? is where to support my art.  I have The Shogun Tape limited edition Vinyl, camo hats, long and short sleeve shirts. So grab that shit and support ART. For anyone else the tape is available everywhere you listen and buy music. 

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