John Jigg$ is a Strong Island, New York emcee who has been putting in work on the hip hop and music scene for 7 or 8 years or more, constantly giving the people quality hip hop music. After we reviewed his most recent project ‘Jigganometry‘ we caught up with the crafty wordsmith to have a chat about the album, his label Mxnxpxly Records and some of the other artists he has in the Mxnxpxly Family and more. Check it out.

You’re from the might New York, home to some incredible spitters. Apart from yourself, you also have Mxnxpxly Records and some artists you work with. Let’s put them on blast!

Yeah I have Mxnxpxly Records and I work with artists like Rockwelz , Mouf and Nam Nitty who are all part of the group we call Mxnxpxly Family.

You’ve mentioned that you’ve ‘been slept on’ and we agree. So, what are your goals for your music moving forward?

Yes I do absolutely think I’ve been slept on in the past. The way I’m gonna change that is just by being consistent and constantly giving people that quality hip hop music. I’ve heard it said before ‘it’s hard to ignore somebody who just keeps working’ and I truly do believe that. I don’t expect anything to happen overnight, it just means that I need to keep working and I use that as fuel to keep my fire going.

We reviewed your latest release Jigganometry. It’s a fantastic record, can you talk us through how that project came about and the process behind it?

The process of recording Jigganometry was actually one of the first times I really got to take my time and really work on something and really perfect it. The whole process was to work on things, put the things I thought were album worthy to the side and just keep working. In the end I think we had something like 25 – 30 songs and we then cut it back to the 13 tracks you get on the record.

Do you have a favourite track or any upcoming videos from that joint?

Ahh yeah – I would probably say the first one, ‘Smoothie‘ was a little more personal, some of the things I’ve been through – the good times and the bad. It really sums up the whole thing so that’s one of my favourites. I’ll end up shooting a video for that one too, but right now, we got three videos ready to go – ‘Front Door‘, ‘It’s Like That‘ and ‘Oprah‘.

You worked with some great emcees on Jigganometry including Illa Ghee. What was it like spitting with him and who else would you like to trade bars with?

Shoutout to Illa Ghee working with him was real fun. He’s like a real serious dude, but also has a great sense of humour and I had a great time working with him. I remember him coming out to the studio in Long Island and I remember him complaining how far it was! But nah, he definitely pulled up for me and I’m forever grateful for that. I definitely enjoyed working with Illa Ghee you know, a lyricist of his calibre it pushes me to go better, go harder and I like working with emcees who bring that kind of energy.

As far as other emcees I’d like to work with… definitely Roc Marciano, I’ve already done something with Benny (the Butcher) but I’d like to do something in the studio, Freddie Gibbs, Conway and the whole Griselda movement, you know emcees of a certain calibre, there’s a lot of emcees too that I’d love to work with.

How has your daily grind changed due to the current environment? Have you got a home studio set up? What do you miss the most right now?

I would say yeah, as far as the pandemic and everything, it’s definitely changed the environment, but one of the more positive things to come out of it, was to get my own little home studio set up going. I’m still learning how to use everything, but that just came from trial and error, because of wanting to get to the studio and being pissed about not being able to.

Right now I miss the touring, hitting the road, doing shows and all of that.

The Jigganometry album cover has a real ‘Beautiful Mind’ feel to it. Who delivered on that crafty play on words for you?

Definitively a play on the Beautiful Mind thing. In terms of the title and that, I kind of put that together myself. Trigonometry is a really complex equations with a bunch of different moving parts and sometimes I feel like I can be that way as a human being so that’s where I came up with the title. And Canibus had a song back in the day had a song called ‘Nigganometry’ and me and my crew was really feeling that so it’s kind of a play on that too.

Now, how can we get more people interacting with you. Drop your social channels and any other info on how people can get the Jigg$ experience!

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Be sure to check out the back catalogue man, there’s a lot of dope music out there, vinyls at copenhagen crates etc. And make sure you follow Mxnxpxly Family on all social media platforms too.

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