Brutus Maximus: Let’s start with the name. Brutal Caesar – I love it, it’s a killer moniker. How did that come about?
Brutal Caesar: Thank you bro, this is a bit of a funny story! I was planning on just using the alias of Davy Bruton, but I sent some beats to Tha Soloist and we were discussing names. I’m a bit of a history geek so that topic came up, along with the style of my beats and Brutal Caesar was born!

BM: Now we know the name, run us some game. Who you are, how you got here.
BC: Oh man! I’m from the UK and was producing before under the name Abstract. I’ve always listened to US Hip Hop and that has also been the style I’ve wanted to create. I produced a project with Vendetta Kingz and some joints with Chi King and one with Prodigal Sunn on! I’ve produced a joint for Grind Mode Cypher on one of their Bars in BK cyphers! It all started with my older brother – he began making music for some local guys and I wanted to get in on it. I remember the first beat I ever made – using the Soul 4 Real – Every Little Thing I Do as a sample! Safe to say that won’t be coming out anytime soon! I think working on beats and really working hard on my drums has helped me progress. I’m always listening to stuff and trying to figure out what the sample is, then listening to how they flipped it!

BM: You have a new album coming out ‘Caes Kalpurnia’. I’ve heard it, it’s hella dope, but tell the people about the name, the release date AND what they can expect from the music.
BC: Thank you! This has been in the works for over 2 years! I never envisaged it taking so long but a change in job, moving 175 miles from home and then doing 4 months training away from home really impacted it. The name really came from watching some documentaries about Julius Caesar and the dream of Calpurnia envisaging his death. Whilst it’s not quite the end of Brutal Caesar, I liked the idea of that whilst having the first track as a concept of that. 
The project is due to drop on the Ides of March too (15th March) which was the date of the assassination of Caesar, so it all ties in with the title too. The music represents what I like to listen to, nothing too fancy, wavy or drumless. It’s a boom-bap project from start to finish with influences from Wu-Tang, 9th Wonder and Apollo Brown coming through in parts. I’m hoping that people will be expecting hard lyrics and hard tracks! If so, then this shouldn’t provide too many surprises and be something they’ll enjoy!

BM: We first caught wind of you in 2017 with the Sea Monster project, but REALLY had you on the ‘can’t miss’ list when ‘B. Caesar’ dropped the following year. Talk us through your musical journey / about your albums.
BC: Sea Monster was dope, I think it was finished pretty quickly, Soloist came through quickly and it was something to build on under the new name of Brutal Caesar. I feel that that project was a good start to the new name and allowed me to show my new style. I think this is still a project I listen to and compare to my new stuff! After this, there was ‘Illah Caesar’ with a young rapper called Illah Dutch. Soloist was bringing Dutch under his wing and asked if I’d do a project for him. I had some beats lying around and that came about.
Then B. Caesar came along, this felt like something different – not just that it was a producer project with plenty of features but it allowed me to work with different artists and do things in the way that I wanted for myself. It’s got some dope features, including; Goretex, Ill Conscious, V Zilla and Koolsphere from Verbal Threat. 
Then there were projects with Rashad Sun, A-God, U-Nik Stylez and a SolCaesar project. Following these, there was a 2 year break whilst I took time out of projects to get used to moving away from home and starting my new career! Throughout each project I’ve tried to keep my style to what I enjoy but each track will reflect different stages of how I was doing at the time of the beats and projects being made. All boom-bap but some dark stuff and some just for pure head-nodding. 

BM: You’ve got a superb cast on Caes Kalpurnia, are there any artists / DJ’s youd love to work with in the future?
BC: So many! I’ve been lucky to work with Big Shug for a joint on his ‘Diamond Report’ project. Also, Ras Kass, Craig G, Reks as a snapshot! I’d love to work with Little Brother; Phonte & Big Pooh. Masta Ace would be dope, Ghostface Killah, OC  to name a few! I’d love to get Eclipse on some beats too! I’ve been lucky to work with some dope DJs like Tone Spliff, who’s a good friend of mine, and DJ TMB. There’s too many to name!

BM: What is your favourite hip hop moment? Can be as an artist or as a fan.
BC: There’s so many! I think for me as an artist it’s got to be having my beat on the Big Shug album and working with Ras Kass. As a fan, the first time I listened to Ghostfaces ‘Supreme Clientele’ joint – I rocked that for days and still do!

BM: If you only had five words to describe ‘Brutal Caesar’ what would they be?
BC: That’s hard!! Boombap, 90s vibes, soulful, dark, determined.

BM: Do you have a favourite hip hop album of all time, or maybe one that inspires you?
BC: Right now? I’ve watched the Jeen Yuhs documentary so ‘College Dropout’ is doing that right now, but generally I listen to different albums for inspiration or to get me out of a beat slump.
Favourite of all time? I’d have to say Supreme Clientele.

BM: After the new album drops, what does the rest of the year look like for you?
BC: As long as everything comes through, there could be another 3 projects to come. Maybe even more! These will all be collaborative projects, focusing on one emcee! These producer projects can be headaches to orchestrate!

BM: How can people stay connected to Brutal Caesar?
BC: There’s so many ways! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bandcamp, Spotify! The easiest way is to go to and follow me on all of them!

About The Author

By Brutus Maximus

Founder of Raw Side Hip Hop. Been rocking with the hip hop culture for over 30 years. Love the creativity, authenticity of the art and the culture as a whole. Shout out to the real ones making and supporting true hip hip and the artists who make it!