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In 2020, Supreme Cerebral dropped some dope AF music and all three joints were up there in terms of quality hip hop albums. If you missed them, they were ‘Soul Trained‘, ‘Loose Change‘ and ‘Ultimate Mind‘. We also recently shared the ethemadassassin video featuring Supe and now we get a little insight into the ultra-lyrical emcee.

Let’s kick things off with a little bio action. Give the readers a bit of background to Supreme Cerebral.
Google me if you want the bio! I’m just a crazy street mfer who happens to rap. Grew up in the Santa Ana / Tustin area in Southern California.

For anyone not up on your game, how would you describe Supreme Cerebral to a hip hop newcomer?
The Bad Guy!

2020 was a great year for hip hop and you delivered three brilliant albums. Do you have a favourite?
I had all those albums finished for a couple years. Prolly ‘Soul Trained’ if I had to say one. But ‘Ultimate Mind’ & ‘Loose Change’ where definitely albums I love.

We recently caught the joint you did with ethemadassassin which has you spitting BARS. How did that collab come about?
E is a brotha I met awhile back, he approached me about jumping on his album & I respect him as a emcee & a man so it was a no brainer. A lot of cats I know personally so the chemistry is already there sonically.

You’ve got a new video coming from Ultimate Mind. Any spoilers? What can we expect?
Nah no spoilers it’s just a hood ass video shoot in the projects in Westchester County, NY. The song’s called ‘Project Mindstate‘ so I wanted to make sure we was in the P’s. It’s another Trill Is Bliss shot video who just shot the illest vid out ‘This Side‘ which was also off Ultimate Mind.

What’s your favourite part of being a hip hop artist? What’s the worst?
Favorite part is making music & being able to reach people all over the globe. Also building relationships with others that you may not have even met if it wasn’t for music. Worst part is the politics & dick-riding. The stupid comparisons & overly arrogant opinions.

Do you have a ‘process’ when writing rhymes or is it more just organic?
Nah, no process. Shit just comes to me like an outta body experience. Basically natural at this point. I write maybe 50 days outta the year. I don’t be Mr. HipHop 24-7 365.

Inspired by the Ultimate Mind album art, if you could make the perfect emcee, which 3 artists would you mesh together?
I don’t like doing list and top 3-5 or whatever. There’s no perfect emcee. What makes people dope is their individuality. All I know is when Myself, Ill Conscious & Definite Mass do a track, no-one’s out rapping us. Period!

What can we expect in 2021? You’ve hinted at more work with Reckonize Real….
I have a album dropping end of February with Reckonize Real. I have Clark Connoisseurs 2 dropping in April with Eloh Kush. I have an album finished with Dirty Diggs. I have a collaboration album dropping again with Clypto called The Loop 2: House Of Loops. I also have a EP coming with Yoga Kane & possibly 1-2 other things that may come out this year. Just more shit for people to hate & sleep on. Lol

How can people stay in touch or support your work?
All social media @bugzynino

supreme cerebral

Shoutout to Supreme Cerebral for taking the time to spit game with us here at Raw Side Hip Hop. As hip hop fans, it’s your job to ensure that these real artists get the love and recognition they deserve – we know the radio and mainstream ain’t gonna give flowers, so let’s make it happen. Head over to bandcamp or check him out on all DSP’s now.

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