The art of the collaboration. It’s a beautiful thing when you get artists who are their own people and are hot in their own lane, decide to get together and make something happen. It’s a ‘sum of all parts’ conversation where we see super-talented dudes working together to form ‘supergroups’ or just watching guys who want to work together actually make it happen – and the result is BANGING.

It’s always the case, but when someone passes, you can’t help but go back and wrap your ears around everything you can. This was certainly the case when Fred the Godson was taken from the hip hop community and wider world too soon. Luckily, he left behind a huge legacy and this previously unreleased track managed to see the light of day.

In this instance, we got ‘How About Some Hardcore‘ courtesy of Meccah Maloh (finger drumming GOD) which also featured talented Milwaukee spitter Taiyamo Denku. You KNOW you gotta be top tier talented at what you do if you don’t want to get crushed by Fred on a track, and after one listen, you can appreciate the game all three hip hop artists put in to create this banger. Hard beats, hard rhymes, hard to beat.

If you love this track like I do, then it’s time to go ‘virtual digging’ and check out some of the other work these guys have put in. We’ve already seen Denku drop a killer album ‘The Darker Side of Light‘ earlier in the year, and more recently (April) ‘Kollab Kong‘ hit Spotify which is a DOPE as hell release with Bo Faat focusing on quality music and killer collaborations. Then you’ve got Meccah Maloh who has an abundance of beat tapes and quality music on streaming services. The cream always finds a way to rise to the top, and we at Raw Side Hip Hop love helping you wrap your ears around something you may have missed!

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By Brutus Maximus

Founder of Raw Side Hip Hop. Been rocking with the hip hop culture for over 30 years. Love the creativity, authenticity of the art and the culture as a whole. Shout out to the real ones making and supporting true hip hip and the artists who make it!