slik jack 6 iz enuff

Who doesn’t love a killer posse cut? There is nothing better than a track with a handful of emcees who just step up to the mic and blow it outta the park and that is exactly what we get from Slik Jack’s new track ‘6 iz Enuff‘. Featuring some of the undergrounds best spitters, namely G Fam Black, Vic Monroe, El Da Sensei, Pacewon and Don Streat – this track straight up slaughters from beginning to end.

That kind of a lineup doesn’t allow for any weak bars, and there are none to be heard. Each sixteen has been crafted and delivered to knock your socks off in that competitive rivalry way – and this track certainly does raise the bar. The beat from Sqreeb (Uglypitch) has got some teeth too which is needed when working with emcees who FEAST on the mic. Perhaps most importantly, this is a fun and fulfilling listen. We love when people are just stepping up in the booth and knocking it out of the park over quality production, which makes this joint a home run.

Check this joint out below.

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