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Everybody’s favourite coke rapper is back, and this time he’s brought somewhat of a protégé in for the fire, with Jay Z lending his razor sharp pen to ‘Neck & Wrist’, the latest track from Pusha T. Pharrell is back behind the boards on this one as well, giving it his latest, unique sound signature as the two hip hop heavyweights bring the bravado in this little bragfest which is littered with subliminals at those who want to put Push or Jay’s name in their mouth.

They like, ‘If B.I.G was alive Hov wouldn’t be in his position’ / If B.I.G had survived, y’all would have got The Commission / Hov was gon’ always be Hov” Jay eviscerates the narrative with these bars. The pairing of Pusha T and Pharrell takes us back to those Clipse days, and Push is still all about the quality both lyrically and within his content. Push don’t do Cartier bustdowns!

‘It’s Almost Dry’ is the upcoming album from Pusha T and will feature ‘Neck & Wrist’ as well as the previously released ‘Diet Coke’ feat Kanye.

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