KXNG Crooked - Order 66 (Musar)

West Coast bar-barian KXNG Crooked is back with another lyrical onslaught with the Star Wars inspired ‘Order 66 (Musar)‘. With Fongsaiu on production, the stage is set. The vibe is there, the drums are punchy and hit the headphones nicely, but as always, it’s Crook who really stands out with his delivery and prowess on the mic. Effortlessly spitting lyrical lava, and taking a hard beat and giving it a heartbeat, this track has an energy all of it’s own.

See the above tweet as Crook gives a little insight into the backstory of the track and what significance the title has. Then peep the joint below and let us know what you think!

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By Brutus Maximus

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