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HEAT | JFliz x Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha – No Flowers Necessary EP

JFliz No Flowers Necessary

They may not need them, but JFliz and Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha should be getting their flowers! Both artists have been delivering high quality, underground hip hop that stays true to themselves and their art for more than a minute, and the ‘No Flowers Necessary‘ EP is more evidence of that. This is another five track project that slaps from start to finish and makes maximum impact on the listener. Skinny has been creating a lane for himself with his darker, edgier boom bap style production which works really well alongside JFliz and that trademark gruff and rugged flow.

Fliz smashes the speakers with ‘American Ninja‘ which sees the Bostonian dropping verbal heat with his braggadocious bars and DJ Decepta setting off the Bonez production with epic cuts. The tone stays dark and rough with ‘508 to 781‘ which also features G Fam Black matching that moody, confident energy – but the highlight is the triumphant, anthemic hook! It may only be two minutes long, but ‘Slasher Flick‘ packs some serious storytelling and really captures the vibe of October with the haunting production from Skinny and the thrilling street poetry from Fliz.

The Last Push‘ hits a little different with a more traditional, dusty boom bap style of production from Skinny which allows that Fliz flow to bounce all over the bop. The track features Knuckle Dragguz and artist extraordinaire P-Ro on the hook which sits really nicely with this joint. The final track is ‘Don’t Need Your Flowers‘ featuring M Doc Diego and the tempo steps it back, the production becomes purposeful and Fliz drops some really poignant lyrics over the smooth soundscape. It’s a fitting way to finish, part mantra, part anthem, part motivation.

JFliz has been putting in that work and while he won’t expect them, just showing support by sharing / playing / talking about his music is giving him those flowers he doesn’t need. Skinny Bonez is really forcing his way into the headphones of hip hop heads with his boardwork too, and every artist on this five track deserves that shine. A fantastic project that has earned your respect.

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