Mo Rukuz - Hiram Abiff

No doubt if you’re an underground hip hop head, or have followed us for any period of time, you’ll know we dig what Grimewav do. Now, the latest track from Mo Rukuz is out and it is a banger. The track is called ‘Hiram Abiff‘ and for those not familiar with the legend of Hiram Abiff or the Freemasons, essentially he honoured his loyalty above all else, no matter the cost, and he remained steadfast in his values and beliefs. Pretty dope huh.

Written on the day he got out of the joint (and only the second song he’s recorded since coming home), the track is grimey, and Mo Rukuz drops some pretty deep & heavy lyrics with his gravelly flow. One of the songs first lines ‘I’d rather die 1000 deaths before I talk to the pigs‘ sets the tone for the track and also Rukuz’s mindset right now and gives the insight as to why he recorded this track and titled it the way he did.

I’m in Albany. Sh*t’s crazy right now, a lot of shootings, a lot of my people affected. In thinking about that, I just tried to paint a picture of Albany, and Harim Abiff is just a metaphor for my loyalty to my crew and the code” he states.

We know the Grimewav family are a tight group and the love shown by Enels, Hanzo Bladez etc while Mo was away shows this and ‘Hiram Abiff’ feels like a bit of a Grimewav anthem. The joint, produced by Sypooda is really rugged and raw. The lyrics are hard hitting, painting quite a vivid picture as to what the world looks and feels like right now – and obviously how Mo Rukuz is looking at it through fresh eyes.

Even ya right hand could do you like Brutus did‘ is a dope line (yes I’m biased) but evokes the feeling of uncertainty in the current social and political climate and highlights the deeper lyrical content found on this track. While it’s only a single for now, with tracks like this, we can’t wait to see what else is in store.

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By Brutus Maximus

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