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The Grimy camps first LP “Clockwork” is a momentous moment for underground rap. This conglomerate has spearheaded their way to the forefront of the grimy renaissance emerging from the subterranean hollows of East Coast boom bap with tenacity & determination.

Their sound is grimey and unique, and true reflection of the realities of street life and pain, and they’re one of the hardest working camps in the game. GRIMEWAV members have a host of individual projects but it is as a collective that we really see the true strength, the variety of skills & personalities of GRIMEWAV. The result in a cohesive, hardcore hip hop album that delivers right on time!

Clockwork is our first full album as a collective. I think my grimes will realize we took it to a new level with this one nahh meann!” Mo Rukuz says. “The concept is really how creating for us is like Clockwork, it’s easy”.

GRIMEWAV is officially made up of Mo Rukuz, Hanzo Bladez, Enels, Lurch, Lace Fueg, & newest addition Frank White of the BX. The collective extends farther than that to GRIMEWAV affiliates Iron Lungz & Miskeem Haleem of TopTier & RareForm. It extends to producers & MC’s in various countries and some closer to home such as ‘Brockton’s Mayor’ the infamous G Fam Black who is featured on one of the albums hardest records produced by Canadian beatsmith Pretty.Ugly.


Hanzo Bladez emphasises that “Everybody is Grimewav – from our supporters, to creatives we collaborate with heavy to the inner sanctum of the WAV itself. GRIMEWAV is the future, GRIMEWAV is a collective. Being GRIMEWAV is a lifestyle it’s about being you good & bad combined. It’s about embracing what’s dark in you and the light as well“.

The level of access that the members provide as well as the varied projects and people they work with is testament to that. The comradery is also on full display on ‘Clockwork’ as the emcees flow in and out of tracks and the album overall like water – with energy and synergy. Authentic boom bap hip hop, with intelligently crafted lyrics, mixed with a load of confidence, some sagas from street conflicts, combined with the crews differing personalities, all over some of the most epic production would be an accurate description of what to expect when you bang ‘Clockwork’ through your speakers. We’re talking RZA-basement grime and early 90’s soundscapes. The real shit.

People attempt to compare us to other ‘grimy’ rappers. Usually it’s just an attempt from whoever to compliment us, But from a technical standpoint, not many MC’s fucking with our bars – that’s a fact. A lot of people not seeing us in no capacity… WORD” states Mo Rukuz.

You can peep the scorching hot debut ‘Clockwork’ LP from Grimewav at their Bandcamp from February 12.

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