General Steele Amerikkka's Nightmare III

General Steele & Es-K are back with another hard hitting, though provoking, socio-political joint that is relevant considering there hasn’t been much in the way of change since he started dropping these back in 2004. While politically charged, socially conscious hip hop has been around for decades, it has made somewhat of a more significant return due to the issues STILL facing people of colour all across the globe, but particularly in the not-so United States.

We saw Public Enemy return in 2020, along with Serial Killers, Paris, Van Garde and countless others addressing the state of affairs and now General Steele brings it back to the forefront with a really solid ‘protest’ album. What we do see with General Steele is a really poignant, in-depth narrative. Not surprising considering the calibre of emcee, but in a market / genre that was really well populated over the past 12 months – Steele still manages to stand out and give us a more robust view and insight than others.

General Steele is highly intellectual and an incredibly gifted emcee who uses his presence on the mic to deliver engaging, entertaining and educational content. Even if you’re ‘woke’ or have a good grasp on some of the situations and issues facing the world today, Steele takes it that next step and touches on issues, information and insight into elements other albums last year never managed to introduce. It’s a really culturally-relevant joint.

Production wise you get a street-harden collection of beats, drums and sample – only enhanced by soundbytes and snippets that build the overall offering. Feature wise we get some good Smif-n-Wessun tracks, but we also get artists like Ruste Juxx, Spice 1, Rockness Monstah, Napoleon Da Legend and others who embrace the challenge of sharing the track and mic with General Steele – with fantastic results.

Bangers: AmeriKKKa’s Nightmare, AmeriKKKan Made, No Justice No Piece, James Bond, Genocide.

Score: 9 / 10. Music has the ability to both capture and narrate a moment in time and this album does exactly that. It shies away from a holistic view of 2020 and the various issues like COVID that other ‘woke’ albums have addressed, and really drills down into the socio-political injustices plaguing people of colour, particularly in AmeriKKKa.

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